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According to Chip Sineni of Phosphor Games, we are all ready to pack up our game consoles and just play on our mobiles or tablets from now on, however something was lacking: Action adventure games. So here comes Horn to change all that. Is this the game that will get you to switch off you PS3 forever?

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PS3Freak2144d ago

Mobile gaming is no more than a distraction when in boring situations away from home.

That is all.

ATi_Elite2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

So NO ONE here can picture in the near future a tablet device that allows you to play games on the go, acts as a video phone, do school work on it, do work work on it and then......

allows you to come home plug it to your TV and connect blue tooth or USB wireless controllers to it and play digital downloaded or Cloud Active Nintendo, SOny, or Microsoft games that way!

Or......... does everyone here really think Sony Nintendo Microsoft are gonna keep making boxes forever?

I can careless about this article but I'm just looking at the near future seeing how I just read the proposed RUMORED specs for the PS4 and thinking that a Tablet may have that same power in 2.5 years or less as tech jumps every six months!

I believe the future is Tablets and PC's and you just pay $15 month for PSN+ or Xboxlive or Nintendo Online and access your games from any device either through the cloud or digital Download!!

ChunkyLover532144d ago

Tablets have really bad controls, there will always be a console market. We might never see the 100+ million console seller like in the past, but they will still be successful.

I don't own a tablet, I don't even own a Smartphone, I do own a lot of gaming consoles though.

All the tech in the world wont make up for shoddy controls. I do think a lot of the people who might get a console on a whim, might pass up consoles in the future because they might feel tablets or Smartphones are a viable option.

I think next generation we might see around 40-50 million lifetime sales for each of the console makers.


so by your estimation my sony tablet s should be at least twice as powerful as my ps3. I think your find that there will be many generations of consoles still left and tablets will never replace in home gaming. I like the idea of playing a game on my ps4 and being able to carry on on a train etc but this sort of gaming future is quite a way off.

ginsunuva2144d ago


You'll be able to connect controllers to your tablet, duh. The tablet will become the console, not do away with them. Plug the tablet into TV, hook up controller via bluetooth. Done. In fact I can do all that with my Transformer Prime and a ps3 controller and hdmi.

Gamerpeanuts2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

This is why people buy console games... because on phones, you dont have the same capabilities, power and control. Only that sony phone gives you some control. Why play CoD on an iphone, or Assassins Creed on it? CAUSE IT WOULD SUCK!! Staring at that small screen would hurt your eyes. Sure the games are cheap, but the games themselves are miniscule compared to say...Skyrim, Halo 4, etc. I agree the future mat be PC's...but PC's are for emails and internet and stuff, consoles are more centered for gaming...although PC gaming is sooooo fun...but mobile gaming? I think if you buy Horn, angry birds, you only doom GOOD games, and you say mobile games are good to, really you are killing gaming itself by doing that. Well i dont wanna have Halo 4 or Skyrim cause i have Angry birds! If gaming ends up like gonna kill myself...or maybe never game ever again. Mobile games are only for on the go...but PSvita, and 3DS serve the same purpose and make better games. Mobile gaming is killing portable gaming to! Do you really think they are gonna make a phone so technologically advanced that it plays games like ones out today?! HA! Not yet...cause those "boxes" will run better than that SMALLER BOX in your pocket. Personally phones should only be for internet and calling/texting people. Stop tarnishing the legacy of games you jerks!

ShinMaster2144d ago

Touch screen controls SUCK.
I'd rather have a more powerful PS3-sized behemoth, than to be constricted to limited size of a tablet.

Campy da Camper2144d ago

All they need to do is make a screen that attaches to my controller and has at least the processing power of 360/ps3 and I would game on it all the time when not at home.

Ziggyvertang2143d ago

You seem to have gotten confused. you seem to have started talking about tablets replacing consoles then drift to the cloud as if its the same thing, which is different.

Tablets will never replace consoles or PC gaming for that matter for the number one reason people will want buttons and analog sticks. The Cloud however may change things but the number one location to play games on the cloud will be at home anyway!!! being able to play it on a tablet like the onlive ap is more of a gimmick.

People want to sit down on their nice chairs in front of their nice tv's and play a game not have their thumbs all over a tiny screen which they are holding so close to their face to see anything while having to stand on the bus on the way to work.

Also tablets wont be as power as the next gen consoles in 2.5 years. the simple way is to look at moore's law who throughout history and observation shows that every year computing power doubles but can take up the same amount of space. this is what loads of developers will base their next gen games of before the consoles specs and finial dev kits have been released. So if will applied that to the PS3 the PS4 Should then be around 8X the power and as the reports for rumors are putting it around 8 to 10X i think the moore's law is a good tool to use.

NO way tablets are going to be that powerful they are not even as power current gen which has been out for six years. So in 2.5 years you think tablets are going to not double but times themselves by 4 each year...just not going to happen sorry to tell you.

Cloud gaming i think will be a reality but not and not for at least 6 years + for it to be a proper service that gamer's will pick

Autodidactdystopia2143d ago

Heres how it goes.

back in the day supernintendo could only be fit into a shell the size of a supernintendo, it was the fastest for its time, for on the go they had gameboy. which was wildly less powerful. the processing power could only be fit into that form factor.

now the ps3 for example can only fit into a box the size of the current hw revision. and for on the go the psvita/tablets serve a much better experience than the gameboy originally did, yet again is still wildly less powerful than the ps3/xbox.

the next gen and the gen after that will follow suit.

there will be handhelds that are as powerful as watson from ibm someday that will fit into the palm of your hand, yet the best experiences will come from what they cannot yet fit into the palm of your hand ie a box of some sort.

the first computers took up whole warehouses.

they still do.... think renderfarms.

all this about the stupid ipad replacing a larger form factor is rediculous, there will always be that form factor to fit as much processing power as you can into it.

as of now phones and tablets and handhelds are no match for what you can fit into an 8/13/4 inch space.

regardless of any technicalities, size will always be the factor that calls for a home console. the smaller the device the weaker in comparison to what can fit in a larger box at the time of creation.

in other words history repeats it self, and the portable crap will never suddenly become dominant to the cutting edge available with non portable devices.

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Tonester9252144d ago

It was priced at $6 now $1. Look at how many people have an iPhone. From the 1st Gen now the 4th Gen.


but which one had more overall profit, i think a cost benifit assesement would show gears to be more valuable and profitable then this.... Theres still money to be made in them there mobile gaming hills but i know which sort of games id rather be playing and which ones are just a small distraction on commutes

Tonester9252144d ago


You have to also ask yourself this.

How much Man Power and Money did it take to make Gears of War 1,2, and 3? How many Sound engineers, developers, testers, Marketing (Commercials, Advertisments),ETC... did the company have to pay from their own pocket for Gears to be the success that it is today?

Now look at this... A game called iShoot on the iPhone was made by one person. He "Said" he made about $22,000 a day.

I don't know for how long this lasted but think...


So if companies are making many games at one time on iOS, how much money is going into it?

There's tons of profit coming there way. "More Profit Efficiency"

ATi_Elite2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I mentioned tablets in my first post and lots of people went Bonkers and said "Tablets have crappy controls" which is true


You can plug a controller to them or use the suction cup controller and put them right on the screen. they work very well. I played Doom on a iPad. Also as more games hit the tablets the controls will get better just like touch screen texting on iPhones or Galaxies!


most just totally ignored the "bring the tablet home and connect it tot he TV and plug in a controller part". So funny how that was just ignored.

Tablets = gaming on the go and gaming at home just like current Laptops!

Embrace the tech people!

Example: Sony tablet, plays Vita II games on the go, plays PS5 games at home!

MariaHelFutura2144d ago

Articals just get more and more ridiculous every day.

majiebeast2144d ago

Newb mobile developer calling for the end of consoles with this game lol what a joke go work for a real developer.

Bladesfist2144d ago

They are not bad devs they are just a bit delusional. There game does look pretty.

jeseth2144d ago

Consoles will not be replaced by phones and tablets any time soon.

Crappy touch controls and your fingers being all over the tiny screen. Plus no real games. Angry Birds, Farmville, Bejeweled, etc. are all great to kill time while in the waiting room. But I'm not about to pour 80 hours into an RPG on a 5 inch screen.

Mobile gaming blows compared to console/PC gaming.

Hicken2144d ago

Let's all revisit this guy in 15 years when consoles are still around and mobile is still mobile.

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