20 Hottest Female Video Game Characters

GR writes: Video games always have the hottest and sexiest female characters we’ve ever seen, which is probably why so many gamers are addicted to their gaming consoles. We gotta say, game designers are very lucky to be able to conjure up babes for a living, creating the ideal woman with every character they design. Those lucky horn dogs have it made, fantasizing about how to create the hottest woman alive to be both badass and sexy as hell! Here are some of the hottest female video game characters for you viewing enjoyment!

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HamburgerBuns2082d ago

Everyone's too busy playing with themselves to comment.

ninjahunter2082d ago

Years of practice have enabled me to type well with just my left hand. ._.

Septic2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I used that pic in the article for my Resistant Material class for my container project. I made a CD case (it was sh*t) but my teacher, who was a bit of a legend loved the 'artwork' that adorned it and gave me a B for it.

DasBunker2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

You can tell because these articles always get high degrees and low comments.

Xof2082d ago

Mainly because these articles are poorly written, and generate hits stemming most from curiosity as to how and who is ranked.

If there was actually something to discuss... an issue with merit, you'd see the comment field explode as the children here attempt to articulate their opinions without substantiating them, like in all the other hitbaiting articles.

Nimblest-Assassin2082d ago

Congratulations... you were also featured in another pointless article

HamburgerBuns2082d ago

I knew I was funny. Everyone at work is always going on about how funny I am.

I'm funny.

sjaakiejj2082d ago

I find it amusing that male journalists have lately been spending all of their time writing articles about how attractive/sexy female characters in games are sexist against women, and all the female journalists have been posting articles like this one.

Title: Enough: we must all try to kick sexism out of gaming
Author: Patrick Garratt

Title: Tackling sexism in games is essential
Author: Jacques Voller

Title: The most beautiful female characters in video games
Author: Nisha

Title: Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Blondes to Grace PlayStation
Author: Amanda Dyar
URL: http://www.planetplaystatio...

Xof2082d ago

If there's not one every week, people might forget that there female characters in games can sometimes be physically attractive.

CLOUD19832082d ago

WoW! until Cammy at No5 I was somewhat agree with the most choices but after that it go completely in the wrong direction what bad choices for the first 4 places I didn't see all the popular choices I was certain I will see so from that perspective in my eyes the list fails hard..

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The story is too old to be commented.