Halo 4 dev: “Loadout system looks more like Gradius” than Call of Duty, no public beta

At the Rooster Teeth Expo (an event for fans of the comedy team behind Internet video series Red vs. Blue), Halo 4 developer 343 Industries fielded questions from fans regarding their concerns over the franchise’s evolving multiplayer. Recent hands-on reports with the game have left many with the impression that the Seattle-based 343 is trying to borrow from the Call of Duty series.

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guitarse2084d ago

Do my eyes deceive me or does it look nothing like it? lol

AO1JMM2084d ago

Look nothing like?

I believe it looks awesome and I welcome the additions and changes

guitarse2084d ago

Yup the changes are epic, but I don't see the "Gradius" connection personally.

SeekDev2084d ago

Maybe they meant more in the way they operate than in how they look?

guitarse2084d ago

Yeah I'll take a piece of that :)

SeekDev2084d ago

Lol, you can have it. They really don't look all too similar, and I figured 343 wouldn't lie, there's no point. So the only other options were either they operate similarly, or they operate similarly.

heckbear2084d ago

i think all they did was take the good from call of duty and keep the halo gameplay that we all love

JKelloggs2084d ago

Good from Call of Duty?.. Oh I see!.. Wait, no..

iNFAMOUZ12084d ago

haha all those wussies who use power lock, hehe, guess what, that grenade wont miss ya anymore

mochachino2084d ago

Who cares, Halo gunplay/gameplay is entirely different than COD.

I doubt COD introduced load outs anyways, every good idea is adapted from another, it's called advancement.

Mastarace2084d ago

no offense but that looks the same exact as the cod screen lol.

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