IGN: 25 Things We Love About Metal Gear

IGN: Espionage, giant robots, and cigarettes. The Metal Gear series has shaped, if not guided, stealth-style video games for the last 25 years. From the breathtaking victories won off the coast of Alaska to the crushing melancholy in a field of flowers, we've followed Snake through it all.

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Gaming1012148d ago

At least IGN gives props to the Medal Gear franchise, G4TV is such a hack network, they ran their best 100 games of all time list over 5 shows, filled with crap games and mostly zelda and mario games (shows you the people making the list are probably 35-40 years old) and not a single Medal Gear game was on the list, no matter how revolutionary the franchise was to stealth games, and no matter how man imitators their were that couldn't live up.
Good job IGN!

WeskerChildReborned2148d ago

I saw MGS1 in the list so i don't know what you're talking about. I didn't watch the full list but i also hope the other games were in there.

Gaming1012148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Really? I watched all 5 episodes, not sure if the online list is different than the televised one, although if MGS1 is on the list the rest definitely weren't.
MGS3 and 4 definitely deserved to be in the top 20, list was B.S.

Ranma12148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I love the story and action packed cut scenes.

but most of the time I hate that the game is from an over head view and not third person

ABizzel12148d ago

I hated the overhead view as well, which is why I never game the games a chance when I was younger. After playing MGS4, I forced myself to go back and play the others, and thankfully MGS HD Collection came out (PS1 games don't really hold up) and if you can get past the overhead, you will enjoy some great games.

As for the list what about manly groping :D

telekineticmantis2148d ago

I don't watch G4TV anymore. MGS, greatest mature franchise of all time.

C L O U D2148d ago

So many things to love about this of them is,

When the sun is setting moving around the Big Shell, the "Twilight Sniping" soundtrack playing and the sad aftermath going to the Shell 1 core ...I cried

opoikl2148d ago

That is indeed a memorable moment. It shows Kojima knows a thing or two about pacing. Moments like that give you the option to take in the surroundings and listen to your own thoughts and feelings while playing such scenes, which makes the experience a lot more personal. Brilliant.

leahcim2148d ago


waltyftm2148d ago

The MGS series is and always will be AWESOME!!!

ZodTheRipper2148d ago

I could probably make a Top 50 or even Top 100 ...

Moby-Royale2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Lol I'm just picking. I'm sure* most fans could make a large list too. ;)

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