Mario Kart turns 20

Next month, Mario will celebrate his greatest spin-off he was ever involved in; Mario Kart.

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Jadedz1452d ago

The Metal Gear franchise is older than Mario Kart.

Starbucks_Fan1452d ago

Here's an interesting fact:

Who gives a crap.

Anyone think MK64 is still the best one?

Samus HD1452d ago

I think Mario Kart 7 beats all
if you compare them like who was the best for their own time than maybe yes MK64 wins..
But if you compare them now MK7 is the best for me,,, very enjoyable

LiamDirish1452d ago

I thought Double Dash on the Gamecube was fantastic & Super Circuit on the GBA was brilliant (especially the Sky Garden track)

Jadedz1451d ago

Alright, my bad bro XD.

ChunkyLover531452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I feel old now, but the Mario Kart franchise has redefined multiple generations of racing games. Mario Kart is still hands down the best Kart racing game available, sure I like some of the others, but Mario Kart is the one that started them all.

Double Dash is still my favorite Mario Kart though!

Happy Birthday Mario Kart!

jjb19811452d ago

Anyway... Mario Kart was the greatest karting game I have ever played.. my buddies and I spent countless hours playing battle mode... Classic game

chanmasta1452d ago

I love Mario Kart, but in my opinion I have way much more fun on Crash Team Racing on the PS1 and Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 than any Mario Kart games.

Arnagrim1452d ago

CTR and DKR crush the original Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64.

darkgod1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

lol i think ima have to agree to be honest i just started playing mario kart a few years ago and my first kart game was crash team raceing it was a long time ago but i remember bein hooked to that game lol and i dono who disagreed cus its not logial to even disagree wit ur statement u dident even say one was better just that had fun with another more. and disagree ppl all u want btw im a nintendo fan so yeah its called a honest opinion. to make note ive never played didy kong raceing.

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