Final Fantasy is finally dead?

With the release of Finally Fantasy VII for PC, is Square Enix finally admitting that the zenith of the developer’s creativity was in 1997 when this iteration of the franchise originally hit the market?

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Ranma11398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Right now the series is down to the levels of a sewer, and FF10 was the last good FF.

What annoys me is Yoichi Wada admits the series is in trouble and suggests it could be dead, yet he hasn't been fired.

FF vs 13 is probably their last chance

Bimkoblerutso1398d ago

I loved FFXII. It's one of my favorite games in the franchise.

Yes, XIII and *shivers* XIII-2 are...not the best games in the series, I'll admit, but the FF team can still bounce back.

In fact, I think they've expressed interest in getting the game back to it's roots, which is exactly what they need to do.

brish1397d ago


I see you're still trolling Final Fantasy articles.

kreate1397d ago

Ranma. I always enjoy reading ur final fantasy comments.

*splashes water on ranma ;)

Moby-Royale1397d ago

Flagged as personal attack. A vicious personal water attack.

(That was a joke)



Lucretia1398d ago

lol wtf? one FF game that isnt a 9.8/10 and its the end of FF? lol freaking sad fools.

im guessing crisis core and Type Zero musta sucked too right? even though they were awesome?

Capt-FuzzyPants1398d ago

Yeah hopefully Type-0 comes to the west cause I checked out the soundtrack recently and (I know not everyone will agree) it might have the best soundtrack in any FF game. It's pretty damn good. Who knows maybe we'll get on the Vita and it'll make use of the two analog sticks.

HarryMasonHerpderp1398d ago

You can't count type zero because they couldn't
even be bothered to release it over here.
Looks like a great game but what's the point if
we can't play it.

Irishguy951398d ago

Takes too long per game. FFXIII Should been buried before it begun. Or at least redone until it was good. None of that shyt from Toriyama about Linear games being necessary

Capt-FuzzyPants1398d ago

FF 13-2's developement time wasn't long. They outsourced some of the parts to tri-ace to speed up developement times which is good.

Irishguy951397d ago

Yeah but that sucked too. They takes years to release FFXIII, and didn't even work on Versus for most of it

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Godmars2901398d ago

If 13-3 is announced, comes out before vs13, I say that the only thing will save it is...nothing.

vs13 would have to be *SPECTACULAR* post and even a pre 13-3 should such ever come to pass, but I just hate the idea that Square will have to murder the franchise, take it past the point of no return, to finally realize their mistakes.

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