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Submitted by Pozzle 1310d ago | opinion piece

Final Fantasy is finally dead?

With the release of Finally Fantasy VII for PC, is Square Enix finally admitting that the zenith of the developer’s creativity was in 1997 when this iteration of the franchise originally hit the market? (Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, PC, PS3, Retro, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Ranma1  +   1310d ago
Right now the series is down to the levels of a sewer, and FF10 was the last good FF.

What annoys me is Yoichi Wada admits the series is in trouble and suggests it could be dead, yet he hasn't been fired.

FF vs 13 is probably their last chance
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Bimkoblerutso  +   1310d ago
I loved FFXII. It's one of my favorite games in the franchise.

Yes, XIII and *shivers* XIII-2 are...not the best games in the series, I'll admit, but the FF team can still bounce back.

In fact, I think they've expressed interest in getting the game back to it's roots, which is exactly what they need to do.
brish  +   1309d ago

I see you're still trolling Final Fantasy articles.
kreate  +   1309d ago
Ranma. I always enjoy reading ur final fantasy comments.

*splashes water on ranma ;)
Moby-Royale  +   1309d ago
Flagged as personal attack. A vicious personal water attack.

(That was a joke)


Lucretia  +   1310d ago
lol wtf? one FF game that isnt a 9.8/10 and its the end of FF? lol freaking sad fools.

im guessing crisis core and Type Zero musta sucked too right? even though they were awesome?
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1310d ago
Yeah hopefully Type-0 comes to the west cause I checked out the soundtrack recently and (I know not everyone will agree) it might have the best soundtrack in any FF game. It's pretty damn good. Who knows maybe we'll get on the Vita and it'll make use of the two analog sticks.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1310d ago
You can't count type zero because they couldn't
even be bothered to release it over here.
Looks like a great game but what's the point if
we can't play it.
Irishguy95  +   1310d ago
Takes too long per game. FFXIII Should been buried before it begun. Or at least redone until it was good. None of that shyt from Toriyama about Linear games being necessary
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1310d ago
FF 13-2's developement time wasn't long. They outsourced some of the parts to tri-ace to speed up developement times which is good.
Irishguy95  +   1309d ago
Yeah but that sucked too. They takes years to release FFXIII, and didn't even work on Versus for most of it
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Godmars290  +   1310d ago
If 13-3 is announced, comes out before vs13, I say that the only thing will save it is...nothing.

vs13 would have to be *SPECTACULAR* post and even a pre 13-3 should such ever come to pass, but I just hate the idea that Square will have to murder the franchise, take it past the point of no return, to finally realize their mistakes.
Kamikaze135  +   1310d ago
Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 and Versus XIII will play a huge role in whether the series can stay afloat or not. Versus XIII because people have been hyping that game to no end since it was announced. XIV because it failed to impress the general population at launch, but is being completely overhauled to bring it up to par....and the end result will show fans just how much SE cares about FF.
310dodo  +   1310d ago
I hope the series fades into the abyss.

hope this can put too rest the non-sense of Jrpg fans.
You know those 20 people playing their favorite games on Handhelds. lol

"jrpgs are deeper then Wrpgs"


"bethesda games are crap! too much freedom!!!"

Skyrim - 4 million copies sold in the first week (not including digital)
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1310d ago
Well, story wise JRPGs usually are deeper than WRPGs. I mean Skyrim's story was complete crap. Story is probably the biggest reason to play a JRPG. The characters are actually characters and not some customizable character that gives you a choice on what to say. And the Final Fantasy series is and always will be a better and more influential series than The Elder Scrolls in my opinion. And FF has sold its fair share too. FF12 was like top 10 on the PS2 or something. And if you count FF7 with all it's re-releases I'm sure it sold quite a bit between PS1, PC, PSN, and soon to be PC for a second time.
310dodo  +   1310d ago
@Capt fuzzy

I have the utmost respect for you and your opinion.
I agree that skyrims main story is "weak". But that is something sacrificed for freedom.

personally I cannot play an 100 hr plus game as a non created character. I dont see it.

FF10 was the last FF I loved. IMO
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D3mons0ul  +   1309d ago
How is it "non-sense" when it's most often the truth?

You seem very bitter over something that is really a non issue.

Your games aren't going anywhere, why do you care what people say about WRPGs? And when the criticism is valid on top of it?

Just makes you seem butthurt, that's all.
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omarzy  +   1310d ago
I mean...they still make FF games...dead?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1310d ago
PPL over exaggerate on how bad XIII was which it wasnt even that bad. Personally I like XIII and XIII-2 But i cant stand XII. People act like a couple bad games in a series makes it dead cause it defintly dosent. XIII-3 and VersusXIII cant w8 cause I guarante Square wont stop making final fantasies after that. XIII-3 is bound to happen aswell.
elda  +   1307d ago
Totally agreed!!!
AgreeFairy  +   1309d ago
It died after FF9. FF10 was the beginning of boring stories & characters (aside from FF7's terrible story and dull characters outside of maybe Vincent & Zack) and FF10 was the start of the linearity.
CanadianTurtle  +   1309d ago
Final Fantasy 15 better surprise me in a good way. Things that would revitalize my trust in Square Enix:

Good story (FF6 is best example)

Good characters (As long as they're not anything like FF13's cast, it's all good)

Exciting Universe (I loved FF6's steampunk and FF7's cyberpunk style. I'd like to see something like these two)

Engaging and Strategic gameplay


Nuff said.
Kratoscar2008  +   1309d ago
FFXIII and its sequel sucks, i didnt finished them but those are the only FF that i never cared enough to move forward and if a game dont engage me in the first hours then the games suck.
izumo_lee  +   1309d ago
It is strange that their portable games are really really good. Games like Crisis Core, War of the Lions, Dissidia, Type-0 are all excellent games.

They have so much trouble doing a console game with the same quality as their handhelds maybe they need to look at the guy in charge of making those console versions rather than the series itself.

Toriyama may be a good guy but he is a terrible director. Ever since he was put in charge of the franchise he as run it into the ground with his weak @$$ stories. I guarantee if he is replaced with either Nomura or Tabata (he directed Crisis Core & Type-0) the series will be for the better.
Hicken  +   1309d ago
Oh, God. Not this crap again.

Listen: I get that you didn't like XIII. I thought it was great. Wouldn't put it on the same level as my favorite JRPGs, but it was great if only for the characters(which most people were too busy hating to realize how good they were). Granted, it wasn't the best FF ever, but it's not some abomination that should be killed with fire.

FFXII is the same: I had some issues with it, but I still enjoyed it. You weren't saving the world, but the story was solid and pretty awesome, to me. Vaan and Penelo were a little boring, but Fran, Ashe, and Balthier made up for them; Basch had great potential, but felt a bit like a wasted opportunity. The fact that every character could use every weapon took away from the feeling of identity I'd learned the characters had as I played VII though X.

X-2 was interesting in its own right. Maybe it had happened in some other franchise, but I had never seen what a fantasy world went through after it was saved, and that was something I'd always wanted to experience. And Spira's case was interesting: the primary pillar of society was what had to be destroyed, so the people would have to find new ways to live. Dropping the roster to three characters was a little tough to deal with, and I sorely missed Uematsu's music. But I enjoyed the game, nonetheless... mostly because of Rikku, but still.

All of these I played for hours and hours and hours before putting down... all except XIII-2, the game that supposedly fixes all of XIII's "problems." And it's not a bad game, really. It's just not as gripping as its predecessor.

The point is that the series isn't dead. Like a lot of gaming, the franchise has undergone some changes, and not everybody is happy about them. I can't say I'm happy about all of them(as a music maker/lover, I can't stand not having Uematsu's signature pieces behind my actions), but I'm also not turning a blind eye to the good, or trying to make them into negatives.

Final Fantasy may not be at its best right now, but it's not at all dead.
elda  +   1307d ago
Hicken you always know the right things to say when it comes to defending FF-XIII & other FF related games,great comment!!
Hicken  +   1307d ago
I get that a lot of people want FF to "go back to its roots," but what most people who say that don't seem to notice is how different each FF is, and especially how the first in any console generation breaks away from the previous games.

In any case, people might enjoy the games more if they were more open-minded about how the games should play. Like I said, my experience with the Tales games, the Xeno series, Front Mission, Valkyrie Profile, Persona, Wild Arms, Breath of Fire, Valkyria Chronicles, and plenty more help me keep an open mind, so I'm not bothered by changes in FF, even if some may consider them drastic.

I spent my money, I'm gonna enjoy it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have bought it. You'd think a site full of gamers, like this one, would do enough research ahead of time to know what the content of the game would be like before they bought it. But maybe that's giving some people too much credit.
ritsuka666  +   1309d ago
Final Fantasy is finally dead?"

Well FFVERSUS is final chance for redemption of Square...
TheDivine  +   1309d ago
I really loved 13. It had one of the most beautiful worlds, some of the best most beautiful music, good characters, and an intersting story. The battle system was great also and i thought the summons were damn cool although worthless aside from filling your life up. The only problem was i couldnt explore until late in the game and there was nobody to talk to and get quests.find cool bossses exc. Other than that one/two flaws it was one of the best ff's. I love the classic jrpg style but i will admit it gets overwhelming and frustrating dealing with random encounters, save points, and the other outdated elements. The tried something new with 12 (one of the best games ever) and 13 (damn good). They just need to learn how to balance the new stuff with the old stuff. 13-2 did it well my problem with it was the story kind of crapped on 13's and was shoehorned into the world of 13-2. With new characters and a new world 13-2 wouldve been one of the best ff's but the hate for 13 brought it down.

Still we got crisis core, ff3/4 remakes, 13, 13-2, versus if it ever releases, kingdom hearts bbs/ddd, last remnant, neir, and many other good games from square. Its crazy that people turn and hate on them because of one game in a series of 14 different games. The best thing about ff is they can try new things and be creative. If one game isnt your favorite the next might be. The only thing thats bad is how ineffecient square has been this gen (mainly 13 and vs13). I have faith in them though, they learned from 13.
elda  +   1307d ago
I'll always have faith in the FF series except for the MMO's.I've enjoyed them all,some a little more memorable than others but I enjoyed playing them all except for FF-XI & FF-XIV.

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