Sons of Big Bucks: Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Video Game Economy

1UP - An in-depth look at how MGS4 doesn't care who you kill and, in the process, talks about the trend toward gamification.

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crxss1988d ago

game is so beautiful... if only it had trophy support :'(

-Mezzo-1987d ago

Yes, trophies would have been wonderful.

Raoh1987d ago

Trophies and a better install method, a full or partial one time install instead of a chapter install.

A re-release would sell well.

raiden-491988d ago

MGS4 uses snakes stress levels and ageing body to show how he is not able to cope with those battles and I think the writer just played this game on easy and after betting the game once, The game had a choose for people to play a stealth game or an action game and certain games don't have that kind of robust gameplay.