This $1,238,099.99 Video Game Auction Boggles the Mind

For a minimum bid starting at a more than a million dollars, a collector is offering his entire catalog of video games for Nintendo home systems from the NES/Famicom through the GameCube, plus the full lineup of every game released on any Sega system—all of it in the box with original instructions.

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Snookies122084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Uhhhh... I'm pretty sure no one is going to want EVERY game out there. If they wanted a majority of them, they can get it much cheaper elsewhere I'm sure. o_o

I'm honestly not sure WHO this auction is trying to target.

no_more_heroes2084d ago

Obviously the criminally insane...

guitarded772084d ago

Dude listed at $999,999 Euro to get his listing at the top of the list when sorted by highest (where it would have been anyway), and figured "what the hell", someone may actually pay it. The seller has some 58 offers so far, and will probably take the first one that seems reasonable. Problem is, most collectors of that level are from Asian countries and this collection appeals more to a Westerner in terms of rarity.

3GenGames2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

That might be a ton of money, but that's a ton of brand new games. I think the price is high, but more in the realm of reasonable...if you also make a mid-range 6-figure income and have THAT much disposable. :P

Gaming1012084d ago

And guess what ladies.... HE'S SINGLE!!!

irepbtown2083d ago

I read about a guy who married his Nintendo DS.

So I'm not sure if this guy is actually single...

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h311rais3r2084d ago

Well...if every single copy he has is 100% unopened then I can see the price bein that. There are some pretty rich nerds who would pay over 1mill for a rare collection. I sure as shit wouldn't. But unopened stuff is always worth a lot of cash.

WeskerChildReborned2084d ago

The auction is targeting the rich gamers pretty much cause no normal one would be able to spend 1 mill on it.

Th3 Chr0nic2084d ago

can this guy even be calleda gamer, all his stuff is factory sealed so how did he ever play any of it to be a gamer

amaguli2084d ago

Believe it or not, but I have a friend who would die to get his hands on a collection like this.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232083d ago

what good would the games be if he was dead?

Prince_Dim-Lu2084d ago

Well Snookies, you're pretty much wrong then. Because I for one would love all of this. That is the best and most you can have right there. If money was no object, and you liked video games... this would be the Grand Daddy of all collections.

i wish i could afford it.

mynameisEvil2083d ago

Well, if I were one rich-ass guy with millions upon millions to spare... I'd grab this. Unfortunately, I'm not that, so...


Genghis2083d ago

Psh, why do that when you can trade them into gamestop for a used 360 controller?

showtimefolks2083d ago

if i had the money i would buy it

doogiebear2083d ago

I can easily play most (if not all) of those games on emulation with a PC game pad. Sooooo....I'm good. Paying that much for those games is stupidity. Even if your filthy rich.

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Nodoze2084d ago

If you had the money, you would probably buy it.

dirthurts2084d ago

No amount of cash could make me bend myself over like that.

SnakeCQC2084d ago

lol why would anyone buy that

MacDonagh2084d ago

Because gaming has become collectible. This fella is selling complete sets of Nintendo games, Sega games, including rare games, as well as complete sets of PC CD Engine games. All games are boxed, and a lot of them are factory sealed. That's bloody incredible in my book and the value of games as collectibles will only rise.

SnakeCQC2084d ago

for a million bucks you could buy a house a 60 inch panasonic hi def tv onkyo suround sound system all the latest consoles and games an awesome pc steam games etc etc and you could still keep going

MacDonagh2084d ago

@Erudito87 Due to the economy slowly collapsing in on it self, the resale value of housing, tv, surround system will depreciate in value. Gaming collectibles will only rise in value.

dirthurts2084d ago

Games on physical media will be like vinyl records one day.

SnakePlissken2084d ago

Actually, youre wrong there. Vinyl has made an insane comeback. Everyone wants records now, and thats a good thing! CDs are going out of print, and are suprisingly becoming a thing of the past now. Most people still want something they can grasp, something that actually holds some value, instead of a worthless digital download!

Thats why there is still a huge market for vinyl. Next time a band comes on Letterman or Leno, watch them holding a vinyl record in their hands. Its no longer a CD. Who wouldve thought!

ThatArtGuy2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

You mean like a MP3s?

After Wreck It Ralph comes out in November, I'm sure that the price of arcade machines will jump back up again.

As for Letterman holding up a record, of course they are. It's much easier to see a 12" object instead of a 5" one.

dirthurts2083d ago

The difference between Vinyl records and boxed games is people prefer the sound of vinyl (some people) over the sound of CDs or MP3s. They have a reason to look back.
No one will look back in twenty years and prefer the jagged graphics of todays video games over the future leaps and bounds it will make. Just like no one prefers VHS over DVD.

Emilio_Estevez2084d ago

Saw this on Gaf, it is truly amazing

CanadianTurtle2084d ago

Even if I had a million dollars, I wouldn't get that. As much as I love gaming, I don't have the time to play every game ever released. Money was never the problem for me. I have tons of it. The problem always lied in trying to find the time to play all these games!

jayzablade2084d ago

I know what your sayin there mate, i have over 50 games for the Wii, some have only had a couple of hours gameplay some are still sealed!!

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