PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale To Have Over 20 Characters, Two More Revealed

Sony, at EVO Las Vegas 2012, has revealed the two latest additions to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale character family in addition to plans to have a robust roster of over 20 characters to play from.

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Abash2149d ago

Heihachi!!!! Maybe we'll get more Tekken characters as DLC?

ThatMiamiGuy2149d ago

I don't really care for more Tekken characters. I would rather see more Sony first party or Sony exclusive characters first! Or the characters whose homes were fist on the PS (Crash, Spyro, etc.). Then they can show me the rest of the third-party/multiplatform characters later.

Dante1122149d ago

@ Abash

Word. Tekken was the s*** back in the day. Heihachi was my favorite character to play as on Tekken 2. Toro looks pretty cool as well, looks like a character that will troll you so hard in this game.

Fez2148d ago

Maybe they'll be unlockable in-game? Nahhhh, what is this, last gen?

Nimblest-Assassin2148d ago

Im more concerned about the stage select... in Smash bros brawl, there where 31 stages and 10 returning ones from melee, thus giving you 41 plus the stage editor allowed for a lot more.

The game currently has 5 stages, and Im hoping for at least 20, but the slow stage reveal rate has me worried

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smashcrashbash2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Ten down, eleven to go (maybe). Heihachi, Big Daddy and Toro Inoue are interesting choices that I don't quite get. But then again Nintendo made weird chooses too like Mr Game and Watch, King Dee Dee, Pokemon trainer and Ice Climbers.So no fuss there. Still hope for Crash,Spyro, Rayman,Sir Dan, Cole, Ratchet and Jak. The Parapper/Killzone stage combo is kinda strange though. But then again the Hades/Patapon stage was weird too.

Disccordia2149d ago

I was kinda hoping for at least 30 characters. There are so many they could have!

SoundGamer2148d ago

It would have been nice; But I'm sure we'll get more with DLC. I just hope the DLC is either cheap or free.

THamm2148d ago

Colonel Campbell for me

MasterCornholio2148d ago

Hmm i wonder if Spike from Ape Escape will be in it?

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