GameReverb: Sony’s $380 Million Dollar Acquisition Of Gaikai Puts Them In The Driver Seat

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the gangs jumps right into the second episode of The Walking Dead and holding no punches Telltale Games once again knocks it out of the park. Without any pre-show spoiler warnings to announce, we gracefully dive into what we believe makes the series great……so far.

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BakedGoods2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

MS invested millions into Kinect thinking the gimmicky/casual market would be the driving force of the market. It isn't, yet the leaked 720 info proves they still haven't figured that out.

Sony, learning quickly from the Move, understand it's technology and economics of scale that drive this market, not simply game interfacing and/or the casual demo.

Cloud gaming, if done correctly, could be a real future for gaming.

ChunkyLover532118d ago

You've got to be kidding right? Microsoft has sold over 20 million Kinects to date, Sony tried to get in on the casual market with the Move, but failed at it.

Cloud gaming isn't something new, its been around for years, the same core gamers you think are bashing Microsoft for Kinect, have been bashing cloud gaming as well.

We haven't even seen anything real on the PS4, but there were rumors that Sony is implementing their own version of Kinect, or possibly including Move like controllers right off the bat.

Microsoft and Nintendo both have their own versions of cloud that they have been working on. Microsoft in particular has been building its cloud for a while now.

I do think its smart that Sony finally decided to cover their bases by acquiring something the other two companies already had been working on, but it doesn't put Sony in any better position then before.

GribbleGrunger2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I often see those stats for Kinect and sigh with disbelief. Why are 360 fans so keen on Kinect being successful? Can't they see where it's driven the 360? Can't they see how all the money is being drawn towards the casuals because of it?

Sony keep on pumping out AAA exclusives and innovative PSN titles, and yet the focus for 360 owners is the very thing that's preventing them from experiencing games of the same quality. You just can't keep on relying on two games... you just can't.

If Kinect gets even more leverage with the next console from Microsoft, then you are in for a huge disappointment when it finally hits. If you are happy to eschew new IPs and a varied AAA lineup, then so be it, but don't brag about the very thing that's handing Sony the upper hand week in and week out.

You may HATE Sony for some apparent reason and forget how they've driven the industry, but you must understand that Kinects success is the death of hardcore gaming on the 360, and probably on the 720. MOVE was only ever an alternative, not a replacement, and unless MS adopt a similar approach, then I'm afraid gamers will suffer as a consequence.

With Gaikai, once again Sony will be at the cutting edge and others will follow, but only follow, not lead. You are not looking at the death of AAA titles on the PS4 with Gaikai, you are looking at an 'alternative' delivery system that has NO bounds whatsoever. Sony don't concentrate on any particular market, they cater to EVERY market. That's the beauty of PS branded consoles, and the reason I've never been persuaded to invest in any other console since the PS1

Tout the numbers all you want, true gamers understand why Sony have never changed their approach and that's why Sony IS the console that true gamers choose... and it does cater for the casuals too. What more can you ask for? sales numbers? Naaaaaaa

Hicken2118d ago

So how did the Move fail? By not putting up Kinect numbers? Guess what: the Kinect didn't put up Wii numbers, so it failed, too. And the Wii is still about 50 million behind the PS2, so it's a failure. And if the Wii is a failure, the PS3 and 360 must be disasters...

What you understand perfectly but choose to ignore is that Sony's expectations for the Move weren't the same as Microsoft's expectations of the Kinect, just like their expectations for the Vita aren't the same as Nintendo's expectations of the 3DS. Therefore saying it failed because it didn't match the same numbers as another device- whose expectations were higher in the first place- is a flawed argument.

And what cloud-based service does Microsoft have? I don't know about Nintendo, but ever since Sony got Gaikai, I've seen people asking, "Should Microsoft buy OnLive?" That doesn't sound like Microsoft has the same thing. And them "working on" it is moot: they don't have it.

Your attempts are laughable, as usual.

On another note, it's funny to see people keep talking about how much money they KNOW Sony can't afford to spend on this or that, when they do things like put down $380 million on acquiring new stuff.

ChunkyLover532118d ago


Let me set you straight on something first. I am a gamer first and foremost. I own a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. I own a Move and Kinect, I enjoy all facets of gaming, I firmly believe that there are only gamers and none of this "core" or "casual" crap. They are all simply video games, so I enjoy a wide array of just about all of them, from Facebook games like Sim City Social, to Halo and Uncharted. It makes no difference to me as long as the quality is there and I'm able to have fun and enjoy myself.

I like Kinect, I will be the first to admit it, I like it for gaming, really enjoy Kinect Sports, Gunstringer, Child Of Eden, Dance Central, Fruit Ninja, Haunt and a few others, that doesn't mean I'm not a gamer or that I cant enjoy Battlefield, Gears, Little Big Planet or any other game, because I own all of those and enjoy them as well.

Its idiotic fanboys who try and label and alienate gamers who are different or like something different that are ruining gaming, I accept all gamers and consider anyone who games to be allied with me.

I don't hate Sony, you can feel free to check my past comments, I don't think I've ever said anything negative about them.

As for your assumption:

"With Gaikai, once again Sony will be at the cutting edge and others will follow, but only follow, not lead."

That is one of the biggest blow hard statements I've ever heard, Microsoft and Nintendo have been building up Cloud gaming for a while now, its obviously a big part of what Microsoft intends for the Xbox 720, so I'm not exactly sure either of those companies will be "following" Sony, but rather just doing a natural progression. I don't hate Sony, but I'm not going to sit there and listen to fanboy rants about how great a company they are and all this innovation stuff, when everyone else is doing the same thing at the same time.

To be honest, your bashing Microsoft for Kinect, but they are releasing quite a few solid titles and what you'd consider "core" titles to boot.

Also, a lot of Sony fanboys throw up all these new and innovative Sony exclusive, some are good, but at the end of the day I think you hardcore Sony fans enjoy TALKING about those exclusives more than you actually buy them. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Sorcery, Resistance 2 and Infamous 2 are all examples of this. Not saying any of those are terrible or bad, but if nobody is buying them, why on earth would a company continue to make them?


Did you not see the Microsoft leaked documents? They want cloud gaming with the Xbox 720 by 2015. They don't need to go out and buy a service that already exists, it makes much more sense for them to build one from scratch. They are a software/computer company long before a gaming company.

I think everyone know that Microsoft doesn't let outsiders inside its networks, so building something from the ground up seems like the obvious choice, they weren't constrained by a lack of backwards compatibility like Sony is, which is a big reason I believe Sony has went ahead with that purchase.

darx2118d ago

I thought the masses were down on cloud gaming and that it was going to be a huge failure. Curious to see the reaction now.

Hicken2118d ago

What people don't want is for cloud gaming to become the standard. THAT would fail; or so I fervently hope.

Having it be a supplement- especially for gaming on the go- is alright, however.

ChunkyLover532118d ago

They were only down on it until Sony bought a Cloud service, now its fine.