Here’s The Future Shop Exclusive Borderlands 2 Steelbook

Borderlands 2 will be out on September 18th and it will be accompanied by a steelbook, joining Halo 4, Sleeping Dogs, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 as the next steelbooks we can expect from Future Shop.

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Lucretia2145d ago

should be called Skag Killers because thats all you can fight in the game, unless part 2 actually adds some more enemies and erases the skags

TrendyGamers2145d ago

... You fight a lot more than that in the original.

bodybombs2145d ago

lucretia must not have gone past the first area

Lucretia2145d ago

i really did play it for a while. 20 hours about. sure its not half of the game but its enough. come on a skag arena.....-_-. even my friend who loves it and finished it said it was mostly skags.

and yes there were those bugs and some humans but still not alot of variety. oh and those flying things.

i will give the new one a try tho

TrendyGamers2145d ago


That's exactly what I was thinking.

RedSoakedSponge2145d ago

you obviously played hardly any of the game.