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Graphical comparison - Resident Evil 6 vs Resident Evil 5

The "creator" of the survival horror genre and one of the biggest game franchises successes now with this day set for his next title. I'm talking about Resident Evil 6, the title that the franchise tried to be a BIG success again (Leave uppercase, because that game has been very successful, but had more in the past), and also improving their quality graphics to each title . And this part is to improve, as you can below the comparison between Resident Evil 6 and its predecessor, Resident Evil 5. (Capcom, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

guitarse  +   815d ago
I do love my a good comparison, dunno why, but I do.
Yangus  +   815d ago
RE5 better visuals.
StanSmith  +   815d ago
I thought that too. At the risk of getting disagrees, RE6 looks very much like Operation Raccon City.

I'm hoping the retail release looks better.
ShinMaster  +   815d ago
No, you are right.
Notice the emphasis in action and explosions over horror/suspense/tension.

Capcom says they want Call of Duty numbers, but it won't happen. They'll only end up dividing the fanbase.
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MasterChief3624  +   815d ago
Stylistically, I find the visuals of Resident Evil 6 better. But that dark-ass lighting... good god.
Raider69  +   815d ago
I played the demo of RE6 and the complete RE5 and from the looks of it theres no big diference on the graphics from RE5 TO RE6 ACTTUALY i find the AI models and some textures better on RE5 not to mention that the screen tearing on RE6 IS JUST HORRIBLE,and much more problematic than the same problem on RE5.RE6 Graphics are poor,and techicaly the demo was very poor with all sorts of problems from poor techical aspects to a mix and intrusive gameplay.RE5 WAS MUCH MORE POLISHED THAN WHAT I SAW ON THIS RE6 DEMO!There are much better games on market right now,not to mention the ones that are still coming and deserve more attention and support!
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Si_85  +   815d ago
Any reasonable person would expect Resident Evil 5 (a finished product) to look more polished than the DEMO of an unfinished Resident Evil 6 - which is still a work in progress
Lucretia  +   815d ago
people are stupid, they are ignorant and blind to anything that doesnt prove their point.

funny thing is that the people who hate it are so quick to comment it and are prob the first to play the demo lol.

when they saw Health regen they were like "SCORE!!!! Bad news is good news for us Haters!"
GUNS N SWORDS  +   815d ago
wow, look at re5 go.

you know, I still Don't like that annoying film filter stuff they are using in both games. too much green in 5 now too much black consuming the image in 6.
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TooTall19  +   815d ago
Capcom is just trying to scare the fans by giving them such terrible games they have nightmares about it.
Hanuman  +   815d ago
Looks nice..
h311rais3r  +   815d ago
Bad game is bad game.
Lucretia  +   815d ago
and Haters gon Hate
bwazy  +   815d ago
Hard to tell whats worse, this terrible game or that old as balls meme.
Skate-AK  +   815d ago
Compairing visuals of a finished game to a un-finished one is stupid. Screen Tearing can be can be fixed.
Excited2play  +   815d ago
I'm more concerned about the game play elements then the graphics.

on topic: The graphics look alright but i admit they aren't as impressive as Resident evil 5.
numonex360  +   815d ago
RE5 has better visuals. RE5 has better art design.
The demo is usually 90% reflective of the finished game product. RE6 out in a few months time- pass for me.
jetlian  +   815d ago
re6 has better lighting and character models 5 has better landscapes
DivineAssault  +   815d ago
Why dont i care about RE6? did 5 ruin it for me?? i miss the old style of conserving ammunition & herbs or the the essence of what RE used to be.. SURVIVING
Xperia_ion  +   815d ago
No herbs is crazy to me
VTKC  +   815d ago
do an article comparing the amount of Disc Locked Content between the said games.
8bitsutra  +   815d ago
Comparing the two doesn't really matter. Either way you look at it Capcom is going to put it out as is. We're going to buy it then debate on which system it looks better on.
pbasson  +   815d ago
its a good thing gamers know how shady Capcom really are. I am abit more surprised considering how bad capcom's rep has got, and instead of improving it, they show how they dont give a shit about the game, series and more importantly gamers. They feel they can shove down anything to gamers & that we will take it. Well we wont.

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