Check Out These Fan Made God of War Art Pieces, Featuring Hulk vs. Kratos

Over on the God of War Blog, they have posted various fan made art pieces featuring Hulk vs. Kratos, Spider-Man vs. Kratos, and even Kratos as Prom Queen… it doesn’t end well.

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TrendyGamers2084d ago

I'd pay to see a Kratos vs. Hulk movie.

Tonester9252084d ago

I think hulk would give him a run for his money. They should put him in Ascension as a boss fight haha

Moncole2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Hulk will win
He smashes puny gods
The madder he gets the stronger he gets
He has fast regenerating health

Hulk was once turned to stone and broke out.

TrendyGamers2084d ago

Kratos has died like 4 times and come back.

h311rais3r2084d ago

Yea but hulk DOESNT die. Kratos would just keep dying.

dragonyght2084d ago

lol Kratos kill and decapitated gods and titans

mafiahajeri2084d ago

Have you seen the Thor vs hulk animated movie? That really shows you how strong the hulk is he practically was capable of destroying everything in the Thor universe. I love kratos but I think it would be tough one. It's a good movie btw really had some laughs at how strong the hulk is i will never under appreciate the term "HULK SMASH!!!"

DEATHxTHExKIDx2084d ago

Hulk wins he cant be stooped. He beats Gods he has never died. It would be a pretty good fight no doubt in the end tho kratos wont be able to go on.

InTheLab2084d ago

Hulk would probably win this fight. As a matter of fact, it would have only taken him 1 game to do what Kratos did in 3.

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