Top Five Video Game Vampires

"The nocturnal bloodsuckers of the supernatural world have made many appearances in the world of video games over the years. Here’s my list of the top five all-time best amongst them. As with all opinion pieces, bear in mind that this is solely my take on the matter, feel free to agree or disagree accordingly"

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AceofStaves2149d ago

I respect the writer's opinion, but I can't agree with his choices. Kain from the 'Legacy of Kain' and 'Soul Reaver' series should have a place on any list of top vampires in gaming.

Xof2149d ago

I disagree. I think the lack of Kain completely voids the writer's opinion. He clearly hasn't played enough games to formulate a mature opinion, and thus his article has all the worth of a ten-year old telling you what the best movie of all time is.

Coolmanrico2149d ago

Oh how I wish for a BloodRayne sequel.