New mind-blowing video & shots from BeamNG's Next-Generation soft-body physics engine

DSOGaming writes: "As promised, BeamNG has released a new video to showcase the progress they’ve done with their physics engine that is imported into Crytek’s CryEngine 3. This new video shows off new cars, intervehicle collision, breaking glass, deformable objects, and various tweaks and improvements. What’s really amazing is that BeamNG’s physics are now running multicore which means they can simulate multiple vehicles (including collision) at over 60 frames per second. This is mind-blowing stuff so go ahead and take a look!"

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ozone4681985d ago

i saw this i think that it is amazing that they can make the body of the truck seem so realistic cryengine 3

PoSTedUP1985d ago

my favorite part of a videogame was realistic car damage. from the awesome car damage of driver (ps1) to gta3, to driver 3 and to gta4, from banging my matchbox cars up with a hammer as a kid, this right here was the moment i have been waiting for. bravo.

cyborg471984d ago

I used to do that too, imagining myself as a dinosaur and destroy those cars with a hammer :p

PoSTedUP1984d ago

i banged them up and made the notions that they just crash and rolled down a hill. i also had a jurassic park Trex and reinact the scenes from the movies lol.

MacDonagh1985d ago

That's some very realistic crash physics those guys have made. Will be keeping an eye on this engine.

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JellyJelly1985d ago

The cars look like they are made of rubber and not metal.

bumnut1984d ago

I thought so too, 'mind blowing' is not a word I would use to describe it.

I would call it 'quite impressive'

SpartanQ81985d ago

would love to see that on nextgen GTA

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