The year of the snake – Celebrating 25 years of Metal Gear

The crew over at 8Bit Envy share some of their fondest Metal Gear moments.

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Batzi2177d ago

Metal Gear FTW! Can't wait for MGS5.

OcelotRigz2177d ago

MGS, my favorite game series. MGS3, my favorite game. Big Boss, my favorite protagonist. The End, my favorite boss fight. MGS2 theme, my favorite game soundtrack.
Man do i love those games. Really hope he goes old school with MGS5, place it just after the events of MGS3 or would love to have a game where you played as The Boss, before MGS3, as she met/assembled The Cobra Unit.

TronEOL2177d ago

It's crazy how long it's been for Metal Gear. I think I may replay the first Metal Gear Solid, and the Metal Gear on the MSX (I believe it's included in the HD collection) today.

Have to say the first Metal Gear Solid will always be my favorite. Even though MGS2-4 were amazing (4 making me drop tears), nothing beats that feeling I get every time I replay MGS. It almost feels like it can still hold up to many of the games released today.

And to sort of "copy" what OcelotRigz did:

Favorite game in series: Metal Gear Solid
Favorite Protagonist: Solid Snake
Favorite Boss Fight: Rex vs Ray in MGS4
Favorite Theme/OST: MGS3
Favorite Antagonist: Liquid Snake

Jadedz2177d ago

I find that very intriguing, for some reason.

MrMister2177d ago

Man WHY did they have to shut down MGO (Metal Gear Online) on the 25th anniversary of MG? The servers only been up 3 years. Thanks for nothing konami.

Ramas2177d ago

servers for metal gear 4 shut? what the? and i was about to buy that game again after playing HD collection