Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Epic Fail

Tom Clancy’s name has been put to many very well received games over the years. Many people even non gamers have head there head turned by the fact that his name is on a game. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is actually the fifth game in the Ghost Recon series, and in some ways it is trying to go back to the series roots.
You see the very first Ghost Recon game was also the first Tom Clancy game to have a adult rating. This was heavily publicised leading up to the games release. Ghost Recon games after this did away with this, but Ghost Recon Future Soldier brought back the adult rating, and aimed to be a much more darker game than the others in this series. As well as being a darker game it also is the first game in the series to be set in the future. So everything sounds like this really should be one of the best Xbox 360 shooters right? Well not exactly things did not go as developer Ubisoft had hoped.

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Lanceo92118d ago

Every Ghost Recon has taken place in the future... even the first one was set in the near future.

X-Factor2118d ago

Ah! Dang it. Was thinking Rainbow Six. Epic Fail!

FarCryLover1822118d ago

Epic Fail indeed. Shame that GRFS did not live up to any previous titles.

Agent_00_Revan2118d ago

Played the beta for 20 mins and canceled my preorder. Didn't care for it.

AgreeFairy2118d ago

It has been an epic fail this entire gen ever since they started casualizing it with the Advanced Warfighter games.

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