New Halo 4 Multiplayer Video Arrives

343 Industries released today a new Halo 4 video that offers a fresh look at new multiplayer footage and features insights from the development team on the forthcoming videogame's multiplayer features, including weapons, War Games maps/competitive modes and Spartan Ops. The video also includes commentary from fans and professional gamers at E3 2012 discussing their impressions of the videogame.

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halocursed1934d ago

The video doesn't even load. Here's the trailer from Youtube -

halocursed1934d ago

It shows me the ad and then nothing.

mathsman1934d ago

Works fine here in IE, Firefox and Chrome. What browser (and version) are you using?

Wizziokid1934d ago

I don't know what it is but for me I'm just not interested in the Halo 4 multiplayer. shame I loved all the past Halo's

georgeenoob1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Stupidest thing I ever heard. How can this video not excite any Halo player.

No wonder you said you don't know what it is, troll.

AngelicIceDiamond1934d ago

It seems to be coming together rather nicely. Right now this is 343's "crunch" period, they're bug squashing in the single player experience as well as polishing the entire game.

I hope everyone is ready for nov 6 and have plenty of space on there hardrive for a mandatory update. Yes the game will be that epic lol.

allyc4t1934d ago

I wish more companies made videos like this.

aviator1891934d ago

This game looks great and people seem to be really loving it. I honestly cannot wait until this game drops this fall.

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