Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date for PlayStation All-Stars

PS Blog - It’s only been a few weeks since E3, and the Internet has been set ablaze with anticipation for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! We announced new fighters Nathan Drake and Big Daddy, and that PlayStation All-Stars will have a PlayStation Vita release when it launches later this year – so you’ll be able to take the battle with you on the go, or experience cross-platform matches against your friends whether you’re playing on PS3 or PS Vita.

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Emilio_Estevez1419d ago

Hmmmm. The pre-order page shows 2 ?'s for the characters, hope they'll announce soon.

DFogz1419d ago

Jak is definitely one, he was leaked a little while ago. Daxter could easily be the other.

FunAndGun1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

oops, didn't see the comment below.

Emilio_Estevez1419d ago

Nice, not sure how I missed that

Ken221419d ago

Sweet 2 more character to be unvieled ti pre order :D.

Tonester9251419d ago

October 23rd! It's going to be a sleepless night! lol

Picking this one up at midnight!

R_aVe_N1419d ago

They will be revealing 2 today and think 2 at Comic Con really looking forward to seeing what new characters they are adding! I pre-ordered when they added it to Amazon so no worries there XD

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The story is too old to be commented.