Xbox Live Down - Microsoft Investigating

If you're having trouble signing onto Xbox Live, you are not alone. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is "actively investigating," according to the official Xbox Support Twitter account. The Xbox Live status page notes that users may have trouble signing into Xbox Live via, though we've experienced the same issue when logging in via the Xbox 360 itself.


Service is back up and running according to official Xbox service website.

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rogimusprime2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

On my day off too.... all I wanted to do was blast some folks on Ghost Recon. Guess I will try signing into PSN :P


matchmaking is working though! so you can connect with...... no one.

Wikkid6662351d ago

Not all users are effected by this outage.

egidem2351d ago

Affected my boy AFFECTED!!

Grammar Nazi mode off.

nukeitall2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Look at that, only a few hours!

They fixed it faster than some other companies take their service down for maintenance. Heck, they fixed it faster than Amazon EC2 (cloud) fixes their outage for their enterprise ready service. The one that Netflix uses for their excellent streaming service!

That is why I love Xbox Live, they report issues, both on their website and the twitter page even if it only affects a small subset of people.

When XBL do maintenance, I don't even know, because the servers don't need to be taken down so you don't hear that XBL has a scheduled maintenance. It just happens in the background!

Heck, even the patches are done on the fly as in I don't have to log out or restart the game. The patch is downloaded and applied while my game is running and I'm good to go within a minute!

No large, slow downloads or game restarts.

Legion2350d ago

I effected bullets on target in a Battlefield 3 game today. I had no issues.

Ziggyvertang2350d ago

@egidem and all those that agreed.

A spelling mistake is not grammar.

"the study of the classes of words, their inflections, and their functions and relations in the sentence"


Teacher Mode OFF!!

Pillville2350d ago


Confusing Effect and Affect is not a spelling error. It's a grammar error, same as "there, their, they're".

They were using the wrong word, if they had put "Efect", then you could call it a spelling error.

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blue7_72351d ago

Works fine for me so It's not down. Just because a very few select users can't log into xbox live doesn't mean the whole Xbox live is down.

gapecanpie2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

The title is incorrect and misleading and only a re*ard can't tell the difference as Xbox live is not down. I was just at my brother house watching him play Forza 4 online. Just because a few people can't go online don't mean Xbox live is down because it is not.

KidBroSweets22351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

And you know PSN only users were just itching to say something else negative about Xbox Live lol. I use PSN and Xbox Live and I'm happy with both, I just hate fanboys.

And of course on N4G, the Sony fanboys flooded to this post because it was a negative for Xbox

Ace_Pheonix2350d ago

@KidBroSweets2 , because there were so many comments about how PSN is better? Oh yeah, that's right, there wasn't a single comment like that. Nice try, though.

Black-Helghast2350d ago


Saying N4G is full of PS3 fanboys is so 2009, get over it bro.

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NewZealander2351d ago

no problems here, hope its sorted soon for those affected tho.

rogimusprime2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

gotta love disagrees for stating facts. I live near LAX, just outside of Los Angeles. It's almost noon on friday, and it's down...has been for 2 hours. Disagree if you want to.

Whether you pay for it or not, it just sucks that you can't play when you want to. $hit happens, so it's too early to flame. I just hope it's back on soon since I actually have free time today.

optimus2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

@rogimus...I live about 20 min from LAX in van nuys and it's working fine as of now for me... One time, my internet was down and i made the mistake of saving my game in the cloud... Won't be doing that again. ;)

Prince_Dim-Lu2351d ago

Sucks for you. Huntington Beach Cali, right below you, and I'm online just fine.. have been all day.

Nevers2351d ago

Online in Seattle, WA...

blue7_72351d ago

I disagreed because guess what I disagreed with what you said. I live in Los Angeles as well and everything works well like I said in the my first post just because it's "allegedly" not working for you doesn't mean it's down for everyone.

You know how the internet is N4G at least is they see something bad about MS and the Xbox and everyone tries to jump on the band wagon claiming it happened to them too.

nukeitall2351d ago

We disagreed, because plenty of us has no issues including matchmaking which was not affected. Besides, it was fixed within hours. I call that pretty good for the few that was affected.

You can go back to your PSN if you think it is a better service. We won't miss you.


"One time, my internet was down and i made the mistake of saving my game in the cloud."

on XBL, the cloud saves are saved locally on your hard drive so you shouldn't have any issues when your internet goes down. The only time it is a problem is when you run out of the 512MB of space allocated to cloud saves, then some saves get deleted to save space for your more recent games.

rogimusprime2351d ago

@ blue7_7 "allegedly" not working? I posted the link from MS saying it wasn't working. My internet was otherwise fine, or else I wouldn't have been able to post.

kikizoo2350d ago

"You can go back to your PSN if you think it is a better service. We won't miss you. "

wow, fanboy much ? :)

it's not better (except real servers vs uggly p2p), it's the same thing...but free ! (so most of smart gamers are already using it)

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JaredH2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

It's not down for me or for 5 people online on my friends list. It does suck for the people who don't have access though.

mewhy322351d ago

Wow. I don't know where this came from? I just logged into Xbox live seconds ago and it's fine and is fine for loads of my friends that are online right now LOL. Yeah. It's not down.

StanSmith2351d ago

It came from MICROSOFT!

Microsoft and some users are reporting issues with Xbox Live but it's all a load of rubbish because YOU can log in!

The denial of some people on N4G astounds me!

gapecanpie2351d ago

What came from MS? Not this misleading title that for sure. MS said that they are aware that there are (some issues) ... No where did MS say Xbox live is down and he never said no one else can't log in, he just stated its working fine for him and as I'm sure many others. So maybe you should stop being in denial and stop wishing it was down.

StanSmith2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Why would I wish it was down? Because I just love dropping £35 down on Xbox Live for my 360 to find it goes down and I can't sign in. If I and others can't sign in then it's down. Might not be down Worldwide, but it is still down. If it wasn't then I would be playing Gears online right now.

Tell me what would you call it if you couldn't sign in? Jeez! Instead of getting defensive over the title, try reading the article itself!

uxo222351d ago

Why would your drop £35 when you don't even own an XBOX?

StanSmith2351d ago

I don't own an Xbox now?

And you know this how? Thats right. You don't! You think I don't because I said something bad against MS! Grow up! Not everyone has blind love for companies like some here do.

Either way I couldn't care less. Xbox Live is now back up for me so I'm off to play some Gears 3 online.

a_squirrel2350d ago

@StanSmith above

You know, you could have told him that without the personal attacks.

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dantesparda2350d ago

dont matter if its down for me or not cuz i never use the shit

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Zechs342351d ago

The HAX! Oh noes my credit card information!! Curse the internetz!

JellyJelly2351d ago

Cmon, it's not PSN we're talking about here :)

BattleTorn2351d ago

big difference here between 'gone down' as in "service difficulties" and 'gone down' as in "breached by hackers"

DivineAssault 2351d ago

oh no!! ppl cant play COD?!?! at least sony warns ppl when the network is going down.. (most of the time) XD

2351d ago
HammadTheBeast2351d ago

Ok I'm on PS3, and even I admit that's pushing it. The free games did make up for it though. Still playing LBP. Good luck gamers, hope Live comes back to life again lol.

fossilfern2351d ago

bu bu bu Xboxzz Livezzz neverz go downzzzzZZz!

No matter if you pay or if its free it will go down eventually

MiamiACR212351d ago

Still getting over the PSN network being down for over 2 weeks I see.

a_squirrel2350d ago

You obviously didn't read his second sentence: "No matter if you pay or if its free it will go down eventually"

...and totally missed his point. Unless you're one of those trolls on the 'psn maintenaince' articles, you shouldn't have to be offended, since it's directed at specifically those bias bums.

MoveTheGlow2351d ago

Steam's fine... until *your* internet connection is down. Then you can't play a damn thing unless you convert it to Offline Mode... for which you need an internet connection to switch. Still love it - the sales get me every time.

My workaround was 3G tethering, lol.

ALLWRONG2351d ago

No one ever said Xbox Live "neverz go downzzzzZZz" it just hasn't been hacked yet.

Moentjers2350d ago

or... they never told us it has been down. Common practice with banks, government, they never tell you something has happened with your data.

a_squirrel2350d ago

Actually, it was hacked, and a short while after, sloten codes for ms points, xbox live and games were being used like mad. Microsoft couldn't do anything about it since they didn't know who had the stolen codes.

Les-Grossman2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I guess I logged in before the problem started. Because I am still logged in. I am guessing I will have problems. If I log out & then try logging in later. There is probably just a lot of traffic on XBOX Live. Which is causing trouble. Which has happened before. Unlike Sony & the hacking situation which Sony warned nobody about. Hey if everyone else is going to take shots & they will

dead_eye2351d ago

Lol seeing as everyone's having a pop i'll join to.

A paid for service should never go down because of traffic. That would be the worst thing ever as it's not an uncontrollable outside source.

Simon_Brezhnev2351d ago

I have to agree with you. A paid service should never go down i dont want no excuses either. LOL