Dragon Ball Z For Kinect to Feature Exclusive Bonus Content

Namco Bandai Games Europe has announced that Dragon Ball Z For Kinect will feature a double dose of exclusive content when it launches this autumn. The videogame will include the “Episode of Bardock”, an episode of the anime that has never previously been available in Europe, and also feature Bardock Super Saiyan as a playable character for the first time ever in the history of Dragon Ball videogames.

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Lord_Sloth2150d ago

Isn't the game itself exclusive? Doesn't that make this announcement kinda...stupid?

killerhog2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

They might've just hinted that it's only "time exclusive". We should all know by now how MS does things.

blackblades2150d ago

Doesn't matter it's going to fail anyways.

Bigpappy2149d ago

Big seller this holiday season! This is not that 2D fighting game. This is a full 3D game with special power attacks and it is "Dragon Ball Z". Kids all over will want to get their hands on this.