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USA Weekly Chart, Ending 30th Jun 2012


1: X360 - 44,578 (-2%)
2: 3DS - 37,995 (-3%)
3: PS3 - 34,193 (-2%)
4: DS - 18,294 (-1%)
5: PSV - 15,610 (+8%)
6: Wii - 12,461 (-11%)
7: PSP - 2,811 (-7%) (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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BABYLEG  +   1154d ago
That's the nail in the coffin. 360 is god in America. Sony has to be a little weary of next gen where they both start out at the sane time. I think we're going to see a company, either Sony (possible) or Nintendo (possible) not make it out of next alive. MS got that monopoly pockets that they're using to promote the 360 as a Fuck The Competition, buy us device.
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bakura   1154d ago | Spam
Shnazzyone  +   1154d ago
You do realize this is the charts for one week, right? VGchartz on top of that so these are just estimations. In addition, these numbers are poor for every single system even microsoft's.
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Clarence  +   1154d ago
You must be crazy. The year headstart, and RROD had alot to do with the 360's lead in NA. Other countries refused to buy another 360 to replace the defected 360. I believe they waited for M$ to replace it.

Nice try next gen will not be the same as this gen. The PS4 won't be as expensive as the PS3.

Also vgchartz is bull$h!t. Every week the PS3 sells a over a 100k. Last week it sold a 100k it was a 65.1m. This week it sells a 100k and it's still at 65.1m. Meanwhile the 360 is under a 100k every week but it the numbers still move 67.1m to 67.2m.
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JBSleek  +   1154d ago
1. Is it that serious to you if the PS3 doesn't sell as much as Microsoft. Does it really hurt that bad.

2. People still use M$? That was okay in the 90's I thought. It's 2012.
Siren30  +   1154d ago
If most of the 360 sales are from the same people replacing their rrod 360 than why do games still sell better on the 360? Also, not really sure where your getting ps3 outselling 360 by 100k, must be from your ass. Worldwide charts only show the ps3 selling more than the 360 by about 30,000 units, mostly due to japan only buying ps3 and 3ds.

Don't pay any attention to clarence, he is in every sales article always defending sony
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MasterCornholio  +   1154d ago
The PS3 according to VG charts sold 21,493,354 units. So that makes it a failure in the US?
Sanquine90  +   1154d ago
Dude, you do realise the ps3 is outselling the 360 in europe and Japan. In japan the 360 do not have any sales.. In europe people know better than buy a 360 with only halo 4 coming ( and a another gears..)
solidworm  +   1154d ago
360 a bad 3rd WW again,...fuck me MS pull your fingers out and give us some fkin games already. A years head start, cheaper and better integrated online and the 360 is still getting stuffed weekly across the world. Useless mugs.
TheGamingArt  +   1154d ago
Stop buying their stuff. If you buy they're crap they won't care. Hence why America is funny.
Hicken  +   1154d ago
Too many people too caught up in the social aspect. People that wanna play online with their friends, or don't wanna stop playing online with their friends. They make their purchasing decision based on remaining socially relevant, NOT on what the best value is.

If you tell someone that they can buy a 160GB PS3, go home right now and- thanks to a free PS+ trial- have an easy dozen games to play that you don't even have to pay for, "Yeah, but I still won't have anybody to play with," would be their response.
TheGamingArt  +   1154d ago
@Hicken.. I always have someone to play with. As a matter of fact... the only mind set that you're dubbing are COD, Halo, and Gears fanatics. That's a piss poor way to make a bad decision btw.
josephayal  +   1154d ago
Dear Microsoft We Need Something Fresh
ANOTHER VICTORY FOR MICROSOFT IN THE USA, Microsoft needs to work with developers to create some new exclusives and free online, OMG This thing (XBOX360) will sell like hot cakes JUST LIKE the NINTENDO 3DS and WII COMBINE...........WE HAVE A HOPE, XBOX 720,
chand17  +   1154d ago
Why on earth would they make xbox live free? They already have millions of people paying them.
JBSleek  +   1154d ago
People get this serious over sale numbers? Wow.
cstyle  +   1154d ago
yep, especially when their preferred console isn't on top.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1154d ago
Like you do in the Global Charts.
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Sanquine90  +   1154d ago
Hahha * watches global sales* Ignorant american xbox 360 fanboy.
bothebo  +   1154d ago
Didn't know so many people bought Lego games. Still, Legos are fun.
SandWitch  +   1154d ago
Everything dropped except Vita
Seraphemz  +   1154d ago
Vita is dead though.. that doesnt make sense... LOL..

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SandWitch  +   1154d ago
Oh sorry then. Just ignore my comment people, I forgot Vita is dead.

VGChartz staff probably made a mistake by putting it on the list.
Sanquine90  +   1154d ago
Vita is not dead;) Stupid kid. Grow some brain tissue:D Your like on of the zombies i slaughtered in the walking dead ( game)
victorGma21  +   1153d ago
What's your point? Vita is still a brand new handheld and even the original DS is selling better than it. So it doesn't matter if there is no drop for Vita, it's still having bad sales and it's still selling worse than the other devices (and even older devices like DS).
AWBrawler  +   1154d ago
Why Have i never seen a comment that wasn't pro sony with 100+ agrees on this site lol. look at the first comment on that vita story. ridiculous!
SandWitch  +   1154d ago
Well, I stated the fact. But apparently agreeing with facts is ridiculous for some people
AWBrawler  +   1154d ago
your comment wasn't ridiculous, the amount of sony drones who hit agree were. I've seen MS and Ninty fans state facts, but they never got 100+ agrees. admit it N4G is mostly Sony fanboys. Nothing wrong with that. Another site i'm on is pro Xbox, and another is Pro Wii
Rock_On_PS4  +   1154d ago
butt hurt Sony fan boys can not face it that the PS3 will never claw back the gap on the X360. Halo 4 is on the horizon, Gears of War: Judgement and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will also help boost X360 sales in NA.
thehusbo  +   1154d ago
A fanboy talking about fanboys... Lol
black911  +   1154d ago
2.RROD replacements
Rock_On_PS4  +   1153d ago
So what the X360 sold 88k in a dead slow summer's month?
PS3 is barely closing the gap on X360.
The end of year will see the X360 erase most of the PS3s gains in 2012.
So what the PS3 may outsell the X360 by a total of 500k to 750k in 2012?
At that rate the PS3 will never overtake the X360 in total sales because next generation is starting next year.

44,578(X360) to 34,193(PS3). The X360 outsold the PS3 by ~10,400 in NA. X360 beat the PS3 in NA fr the nth week in a row.

Halo 4, Gears of War: Judgement and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are released in the last four months of the year.

All this faith in PES or FIFA are going to miraculously boost PS3 sales? Madden sells much better on the X360 than PS3.

PS3 price cut but the X360 has a price cut up its sleeve and Kinect's popularity.
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