5 reasons why Street Fighter X Tekken failed

It is no secret that Capcom’s latest fighting game did not succeed in winning the hearts and minds of fighting games enthusiasts. Although the game engine was designed by Yoshinori Ono, the brain behind the successful Street Fighter IV Series, SF X Tekken was quickly regarded as the worst Capcom fighter to be released in this generation. Below are the main 5 reasons for the game's ill-fated reception.

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Snookies121816d ago

I'll give you one reason... Capcom... There ya go.

gapecanpie1815d ago

Waited for Tekken X Street Fighter and not this crap....

dboyman1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

You mean Crapcom? Many of the things they're doing to classic franchises has basically stop respecting them as a publisher and look at them as another greedy game company...

LackTrue4K1815d ago

that and, the game has no real replay to it. i traded it in 2 weeks, thats the last Tampon game i buy off them in a long time. i have higher hopes for Tekken VS Street Fighter tho.

Persistantthug1815d ago

I myself boycotted this game, and I'm glad to see that Capcom did poor/mediocre numbers, as well as they were publicly embarrassed and even got a downgrade with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

I'd be willing to bet that Capcom doesn't do this again.

Same with EA and their Mass Effect 3 debacle (they were planning on selling us "better endings")

Gamers won this battle and we should all be proud.

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akaFullMetal1815d ago

Greed from capcom killed it, nobody is going to buy there games when half the game is dlc, a few months they include the dlc in a super version.

Darth Stewie1815d ago

Capcom screwed people over with SF4 and MvsC3 thus people knew they would definitely be screwed over for this game. Which proved true because of the DLC(disc locked content that was discovered in the first week.

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