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5 reasons why Street Fighter X Tekken failed

It is no secret that Capcom’s latest fighting game did not succeed in winning the hearts and minds of fighting games enthusiasts. Although the game engine was designed by Yoshinori Ono, the brain behind the successful Street Fighter IV Series, SF X Tekken was quickly regarded as the worst Capcom fighter to be released in this generation. Below are the main 5 reasons for the game's ill-fated reception. (Capcom, PC, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   805d ago
I'll give you one reason... Capcom... There ya go.
gapecanpie  +   805d ago
Waited for Tekken X Street Fighter and not this crap....
dboyman  +   805d ago
You mean Crapcom? Many of the things they're doing to classic franchises has basically stop respecting them as a publisher and look at them as another greedy game company...
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onyoursistersback  +   805d ago
that and, the game has no real replay to it. i traded it in 2 weeks, thats the last Tampon game i buy off them in a long time. i have higher hopes for Tekken VS Street Fighter tho.
Persistantthug  +   805d ago
I'm glad this game failed on the "numbers front"......shows that gamers have power.
I myself boycotted this game, and I'm glad to see that Capcom did poor/mediocre numbers, as well as they were publicly embarrassed and even got a downgrade with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

I'd be willing to bet that Capcom doesn't do this again.

Same with EA and their Mass Effect 3 debacle (they were planning on selling us "better endings")

Gamers won this battle and we should all be proud.
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akaFullMetal  +   805d ago
Greed from capcom killed it, nobody is going to buy there games when half the game is dlc, a few months they include the dlc in a super version.
Darth Stewie  +   805d ago
Capcom screwed people over with SF4 and MvsC3 thus people knew they would definitely be screwed over for this game. Which proved true because of the DLC(disc locked content that was discovered in the first week.
nerdkiller  +   805d ago
capcom vs snk 3 anyone?
onyoursistersback  +   805d ago
the fail is with ADDING CRAPOM to this.
Infernostew  +   804d ago
Only if SNK develops it.
Hufandpuf  +   805d ago
I sold my copy of SfxT, not because of DLC or because it was by Capcom. It was just a crappy fighting game.
IrieMars  +   805d ago
Buncha Clowns
Stop your bitching! If you didn't like it and sold it then move on. You are all just bitching up a storm because it's the thing to do. Capcom delivers the goods for millions of gamers like me. If you don't like it simple don't buy it and stop your bitching, why? Because you no longer own the game and claim to never buy another Capcom game. So really, piss off, this article has nothing new to offer that we haven't heard before.

And can you really blame a company for wanting to stay in business and make a profit? Hudson, Midway, Acclaim, etc. C'mon?
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Lucretia  +   805d ago
lets see, crappy sf4 style gameplay (a little better tho) horrible SF4 character models and goofy faces ruining some of tekkens character designs, especially nina, she got so UGLY.

the tons of locked dlc,

and the fact that it even being SF X Tekken was obviously only for a cash in since those 2 universes dont even go together well
Magic_Spatula  +   805d ago
Borrowed it. Didn't enjoy it as much as SF 4. There was just something off about the game. Also realized never to buy a Capcom game at release. Wait at least a year and a half because we all know they'll release an updated version.
Hufandpuf  +   805d ago
the game had numerous netcode issues, coupled with the fact that the sound often dropped, and the characters were horribly unbalanced. not to mention game breaking glitches and infinites. it was just an all around bad game.
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guitar_nerd_23  +   805d ago
I thought it was great. I found it way easier to get into than a pure Street Fighter game.
grassyknoll  +   805d ago
Just as bad as the DLC & broken netcode is the "pay to win" gems. It's goes against the fundamental premise of the game, you improve by playing!
Sgt_Slaughter  +   805d ago
Capcom should just sell Mega Man to Nintendo or Namco or someone who can take care of the franchise and not put it on the backburner and forget about it.

As for this game, it's not the world's greatest fighting game, but it isn't worst by a long shot.
Omnislash  +   804d ago
As someone that plays fighting games as my main competitive game this gen I will have to agree that SFxT failed and is the worst fighter possibly ever made. My reasons are this.

5. Very shallow game.
Any idiot can pick any character and memorize one combo and do that same combo over an over until they win, no need to explore the games mechanics or see the possibilities of team synergy, nope! Just memorize one combo and youre golden.

4. Bad character balance.
Why pick the rest of the cast when you can just learn Rolento and Hugo? Rolento has the easiest combo in the game that has a window for a super art or a cross art, jab pressure and weird jump crossups that lead to the exact same combo. Hugo can do over 600 damage with no meter and he can literally body splash you until the time runs out.

3. Tekken characters are not like their Tekken counterparts.
Yes this is a 2d game but still. The Tekken characters are just brand new characters, theyre only there by name. I didnt play Tekken much but my next reason will explain this.

2. SFxT does NOT cater to Tekken players.
Ever see an SFxT tournament? Who usually wins? Yeah Street Fighter players, did you watch the Team Street Fighter vs Team Tekken competition they had right before the game launched? What happened there? Team Street Fighter steamrolled Team Tekken, Why? Because this game just does not cater to them, whatever skills they had in Tekken they just cant apply to this game because its just a street fighter game with characters with tekken names.

1. Capcom did NOT listen to the fans.
One of the biggest reasons this game was a flop was because Capcom decided to cut corners and not add many new Street Fighter characters that people wanted. What happened to Alex,R.Mika,Karin or any other character that people wanted to see that werent in SF4? Instead of adding these characters they just copy pasted characters from SF4. Out of all the SF characters only 4 are new, and they added Rufus who was the very least picked character online in SSF4, This really pissed me off to the point where I just did not want to buy the game. Instead of adding these new characters they gave the characters in the game their costumes which was just insulting. Then they add the "Extra" characters where only one new one is there (Elena) and try to charge us 20 dollars for them is just retarded.

Out of all the 2d fighting games this gen Id have to say SFxT is just the worst.
4.SF3 OE
5. Whatever is left and then SFxT.
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Skateboard  +   804d ago
Capcom wants that Cod money.

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