Scrolls For All Minecon 2011 Attendees

DualShock Nexus: "News from Mojang (creators of the popular indie game Minecraft) recently stated that they feel more comfortable giving Minecon 2011 attendees the full Scrolls title, rather than just the alpha version of the game. Read below for more information."

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flavorbabies1929d ago

I want free games from PAX.

christoph2031929d ago

dualshock is a cool site, they really need some site design tweaks though, the Huge dualshock logo blinds you from reading the content, if you're listenin' dualshockers change it, cause the articles are great

WillGuitarGuy1929d ago

We've been looking into a fix for that actually.

christoph2031928d ago

I strong font instead of an image would work well and give the site aload of breathing room ;p