The best games you probably didn’t play

MyGaming's Jeremy Proome writes: "While some gamers know and talk about a lot of the following games, the reality is that a lot of people didn’t actually play them. These games scored generally highly across the board, although the sales never corresponded with their positive reception."

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akaakaaka2299d ago

well most of those games are really fun and good. I never play split sec. but the demo was fun and gowgos i bet is great to and never play it.

Resistance 3 has one of the best single player campaign, Dark Sector for me is a classic and enslaved is a mix of hevenly s. with uncharted with cool fun boss battles

Amazingmrbrock2299d ago

enslaved kinda plays itself though. It tells you where to go at every step and most combat could be gotten through by spamming one attack button.

akaakaaka2299d ago

I dare you to not touch the control and wait for the game to finish itself...
the gameplay is kind of like uncharted the fighting is wird but once you understand it its ok and the boss battles are fun!
why you need to troll?

the point is that the game is fun and if you a gamer you should give it a try you will like this games... I as a gamer will recommend any of those and i guess they did not got the attention it deserve, which is why this guys did this article, i have seen few like this before but most of the games sucks but the ones he have in it are actually good, fun games .

Amazingmrbrock2298d ago

What if I derive part of my fun from being challenged by a game. I don't want it to hold my hand the whole way through the experience I'm an adult entirely capable of finding my way through the virtual world. It's not trolling it's a literal problem with the way the game was designed. It could have been solved by setting up the difficulty options differently.

SeekDev2298d ago

Games tend to give us too much when it comes to gameplay. Go here, do this, do that. There's no feeling of accomplishment. But if we do figure something out on our own, it becomes an accomplishment, and so we hold more value in the experience. However, what if the player can't accomplish the task on their own? They might give up, so there's risk in making gameplay more difficult or complicated.

Oldman1002299d ago

Vanquish should be on this list.

egidem2299d ago

AAh!! Vanquish was quite an insanely fun game!

taquito2299d ago

dark sector was a great game:)

enslaved for me was kinda mehh

r3 was very good....but i liked the first the best

morganfell2299d ago

Dark Sector is a forgotten gem. Really good game.

Ghost of Sparta has a gripping story of redemption. Much of what happens in the GoW universe must be acknowledged as partially the fault of Kratos himself.

Ghost of Sparta is however the game in the series where that was not true and Kratos was completely victimized by the gods. Great writing and production and the PS3 version in 3D is most remarkable.

JellyJelly2299d ago

I respectfully disagree. I didn't think Dark Sector was any good. It had great graphics but the gameplay was repetitive and the game felt unfinished in many areas. And it got boring fast.

Oldman100 - Now we're talking. Vanquish is the best 3rd person shooter this gen when it comes to gameplay mechanics. The cigarette move is legendary.

I'd like to add James Bond: Bloodstone, Dark Souls, Alpha Protocol, Just Cause 2, Star Ocean-The Last Hope, and Deus EX: Human Revolution.

belac092299d ago

legend of heroes, blueeyeswhitedragon knows whats up!

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