Top 5 Ingredients For The Ultimate Action RPG: Which essentials would make the perfect game?


"The Action/Adventure RPG allows gamers to experience various game worlds, richly detailed, full of life and character.

They cater to the players’ game styles, allowing them to create a unique character or choose specific abilities with which to play through the game. The Action/Adventure RPG grants the player a sense of representation in the unique game world.

The following are 5 essentials that I believe the Ultimate Action/Adventure RPG must have, along with an example of a game that goes about it the right way."

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Proeliator2152d ago

This list is spot on.

If only developers would take things like this seriously...

gaminoz2152d ago

You'd think ONE game would combine all those elements. Can anyone think of one that has all that right?

DeusExer2152d ago

Skyrim comes close to fulfilling all these.

Obviously you can go where you want, although the narrative is more focussed on lore than a story driving the player. The player is slapped into a historic world.

There is no real morality system in placed, but your actions in game allow for both "good" and "bad" choices.

One can also overcome enemies/obstacles in various ways depending on their specific character, be it Warrior, Archer, Mage, etc.

blitz06232151d ago

Skyrim fulfills 1,3,5. There's no moral ambiguity but the game employs a good enough system that allows your actions to influence the world.

The story on the other hand... just plain terrible

R_aVe_N2151d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning would come pretty close to filling that list. IMO very underrated game.

BadCircuit2152d ago

I find the whole micro management of stats annoying. I like the method Elder Scrolls uses where it upgrades by use in the game.

GREW50ME2151d ago

These are RPG elements... if its an action RPG it also needs visceral action in it... key word being visceral IMO...

setokaiba2151d ago

Nonsense list

FF 13 and lost oddessy arent action rpgs

Not only that lost oddessy is better than every game on that list

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The story is too old to be commented.