OXCGN’s Spec Ops: The Line Review: A Revolution in Gaming Narrative


"Ever since I heard that Spec Ops: The Line was a war game with a heavy focus on narrative I have been incredibly eager to play it.

Does Spec Ops live up to the promise of a game with a truly rich and engulfing story or do we have yet another generic war shooter on our hands?

You’ll walk away from this title not only questioning the choices you made along the way, but about your own morality."

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Proeliator2146d ago

Man, this game... so unexpected.

I came for pew pew. I left questioning life.

gaminoz2146d ago

Are you saying that it actually makes you...think?

The demo seemed more pew pew to me.

Proeliator2146d ago

The author does say it's a game for the intelligent gamer.

The demo does absolutely NOTHING to show the game's powerful narrative and is a poor judge of the game, honestly.

r212146d ago

wow, by the sound of your comment, the game seems to be emotionally engaging...could it be, a shooter focused about story and not just shooting?

gaminoz2146d ago

Is that even possible? And I'm not talking about that stupid "No Russian" level either.

Eske2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I actually thought "No Russian" was handled fairly well. That mission was a real gut punch.

I just dunno about Spec Ops. I'm glad that the narrative is, by all accounts, strong. But the game looks pretty rough around the edges, and I thought it controlled terribly, myself.

Either way though, I'm glad it's being so well received. They tried something different, and a little more thoughtful. That's always appreciated.

BadCircuit2146d ago

I agree, the demo just makes it look like another confusing shooter with a madman as a baddie. Maybe they were trying to suck in the Call of Duty gamer with it?

But the risk is that they put off other gamers who are looking for intelligent narrative.