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Independence Day: The Top 10 Indie Games

GP: "Creating video games takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Any game developer would tell you that. At least, they should. But there’s a difference between working hard with a lot of professionals while big-name publishers dedicate a lot of money into a project and working hard with few to no other people besides yourself while being on an extremely limited budget. These types of games are known as independent games for those very reasons.

But out of all these indie games (not to be confused with Indiana Jones games), which ones actually shine? Which out of all the many low-budget games out there are the ones that are worth playing? Well, in the spirit of Independence Day, I thought we should look into that. Ranging from retro platformers to blocky builders, here is a selection of 10 indie games (in no particular order) that are worth your time." (Bastion, Braid, Culture, Fez, Journey, Limbo, PC, PS3, Skullgirls, Super Meat Boy, Wii, World of Goo, Xbox 360)

rrquinta  +   736d ago
I think I'd have to agree for the most part. Although I still personally don't really get Braid. I understand that it was revolutionary for the unique time manipulation component, but I just didn't find it to be a terribly compelling experience.
-GametimeUK-  +   736d ago
I really enjoyed Braid. I picked it up because of all the praise and I didn't like how it looked. How wrong I was. There is just something about the sense of accomplishment when completing puzzles that just drives me forward in games. Sorry to see you didn't enjoy the experience.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   736d ago
Well you look at that, no Amnesia.....
MHenderson  +   736d ago
No Amnesia, but! Journey. It could've been Journey 10 times and it'd be accurate.
KaptainJ  +   736d ago
Keep in mind I haven't played a lot of games.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   736d ago
Run to the store and play Amnesia....you will not regret it....
Moby-Royale  +   736d ago
I second that, Kyosuke.

I have it on my backup Acer Laptop and it can run on medium settings(admittedly I am no pc gamer). My point being you shouldn't have to worry about running it.

It is a terrific first-person game. Google a video review or two.
NYC_Gamer  +   736d ago
No Amnesia or Binding of Isaac?
grailly  +   736d ago
this list only had the most obvious choices, not saying they are bad choices, but a list of the 10 most sold indy games would have seen the same result
KaptainJ  +   736d ago
And they sold well because they are great games, hence why they're on the list.
StrongMan  +   736d ago
Why isn't Flower on that list?
r21  +   736d ago
good list :D bastion is one hell of an indie game >:D
AKS  +   736d ago
In my own personal list, I'd definitely include Everyday Shooter. It was put together by one guy and was very clever and stylish. Seems like a great representative of indie games.

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