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Submitted by XerxePFM 1315d ago | rumor

Report: Sony Says PS1 and PS2 Games Coming to PS3 “Soon” via Streaming Service

We at TheGameFanatics normally chalk things like this up as rumors and just avoid reporting on them, because we prefer actual facts not he said/ she said. However, with all the recent announcements coming out of the Sony camp, we have no choice but to bring this news to you guys. (Dev, PS2, PS3, Sony)

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WeskerChildReborned  +   1315d ago
Well their are already PS1 and PS2 classics but if they can get all PS1 and PS2 games, that would be awesome.
jadenyuki   1315d ago | Spam
fr0sty  +   1315d ago
If they took a large library of PS1/PS2 games and made them free to stream on PS+, I'd be all over that. They wouldn't be able to get every game, due to licensing issues, however they could get most of them.
Tapioca Cold  +   1315d ago
And when all you self assumed emtitlement sissies realize it won't be free you willall be on here whining like three year olds. ye... can't wait for that!!!
Raf1k1  +   1315d ago
He's talking about PS+ which is a paid service. Of course they won't be completely free since you have to pay for PS+ but having those games as part of PS+ is a really good idea IMO as I was going to post the same thing.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1315d ago
Ik, that would be amazing.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1315d ago
More than likely only PS Plus member will have access to Gaikai
Just a guess. Or maybe only certain features or deals will be available.
Proxy  +   1315d ago
The various ways to play PS1 and PS2 games keeps growing.
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sikbeta  +   1314d ago
This is just a rumor, right? I don't want to get super-hyped and then. BAM! reality :(

*plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true. plz be true.*
humbleopinion  +   1314d ago
Free? The whole point is charging the users for the service. They need to recoup the costs of a 380$M Gaikai acquisition.

I guess they will do the same for the PS4: Unlike the PS3 where backwards compatibility was removed only after some time, the PS4 will probably not play any of our current PS3 retail games. But they will probably all be available to stream - considering we are willing to pay for them again. That's a pretty big catalog
inveni0  +   1314d ago
While this would be awesome (if included as part of PS+), I'm hoping that the Gaikai acquisition IS the PS4, and that we just use our PS3 to play Naughty Dog team 1's next game, on some super computer that is infinitely upgradeable over time. It makes sense (all of the First Party studios Sony has been acquiring). It would be a smart move. While Microsoft and Nintendo are trying to push $250-$500 new hardware, Sony will be saying, "Buy a PS3 for $200 and get a BluRay player, 3D, the entire PS3 library, PLUS the future of gaming, always at your finger tips."

They'd never have to do a price drop again. As the PS3 became cheaper and cheaper to make, they'd just make more and more money on it. It would always be $200, and it would always be top of the line.
fr0sty  +   1314d ago
There is nothing free about PS+, Sony making $50/yr off each player would help cover costs. As far as this being PS4, streaming gaming isn't at the point yet where it can replace a console. Latency is still too high, especially for shooters. People complained about killzone's 133ms latency from the time you pressed a button until you saw it react... and that was running locally! You'll be adding a minimum of that much onto any game streamed over the internet.
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I_am_Batman  +   1314d ago
That's a great idea. If it's true I would get a PS+ acc immediately. The only thing I'm worried about is if it would work with my Internet connection.
Persistantthug  +   1315d ago
I'm totally all over that. :)
slayorofgods  +   1315d ago
All the classics still need to be re-licensed. This will probably only give cross platform options to psn purchases. i.e. ps1 & 2 classics purchased on a ps3 can be streamed on a ps4.
NonApplicable  +   1315d ago
Playstation offer more than enough content for PS+ as it is. Sony should provide this as separate service. Entitlement is exactly what this is if people think they deserve this for free or on PS+.
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gokuss122002  +   1314d ago
You're right.
With that being said, I really hope that there's some sort of offers for ps+. Maybe the game trials can be extended to two hours and/or utilized with this service. In addition, I would like for their to be ps+ discounts on prepaid subscriptions to this service...
Deep down though, it would be very awesome if plus users got to stream for free
violents  +   1314d ago
Why does everyone keep saying that people are acting entitled? No one said they should provide the service for free I think one guy said that it would be cool if they offered it to ps+ subscribers as part of the subscription, and i for one would like that but i cant imagine that to be a viable option being as they just spent 380 million to get it, or this could be the thing to get all those psn accounts to go ps+.

Only time will tell. So stop trying to jump on people for being "entitled" because all you doing it fanning flames that no one started but you.
tommygunzII  +   1312d ago
I agree. Just subscribed to PS+ last month and already have 13 free games. It is currently the best deal in gaming. I love it
Marz  +   1315d ago
im sooo excited!!
gintoki777  +   1315d ago
Would I be able to insert old ps2 games and get them as a download for free? Probably
Ser  +   1315d ago
Wouldn't that be the ultimate? I would pay for that kind of service.
gintoki777  +   1314d ago
The point is not to pay for things you already own...
violents  +   1314d ago
That would be awsome, and i acctually said that on another thread.
Ser  +   1314d ago
Well, let's be realistic here. They're not going to let you have that kind of perk for free. It is a business after all.

I'd be happy with just having the option to pay for it.
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clover007  +   1315d ago
I have a feeling that this might actually be exclusive to PS4.

Wait, wait.. before you thumbs down my comment let me explain why I think so. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS FEATURE FOR MY PS3.

But I think it would be a better business decision for Sony to make this exclusive to PS4. We know how backward compatibility did not go too well for the early PS3. I know alot of people (like me) don't mind paying the extra money but it WAS expensive.

I believe Sony is looking to lower the cost of the PS4. Hey these days (economy or what-not), $600 is too expensive. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying over $700 for the new PS4 (which will have some amazing features), but Sony won't make the same mistakes this time around.

PS3 was the most and still is the most powerful console ever. But early version with backwards compatibility was just too expensive. Sony is looking to fix that with Cloud Based gaming.

Cannot wait to see where Sony goes with this idea. And also can you imagine if Sony starts doing something like Onlive, where you can rent/buy Cloud based games for PS3 and PSP (Vita) with cheaper price!! ^_^
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Edward75  +   1315d ago
Bubble up, would be so smart of Sony to do this. ALL of what you say makes sense. Let's just hope the higher ups in the company see it that way. It would give a boost to buying the new system day 1. Not to mention the cost reduction from going BC that way. The ONLY downside for Sony, or any company that uses this is the fact that many people don't want to be online 24/7, or don't have the ability to be. But it is still all good!
Edit... Please please don't bring this to the PS3, use it to get a jump on the next gen system. It would help your company ALOT more if you did it that way. Granted it would be nice for gamers RIGHT NOW, but please be smart.
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azshorty2003  +   1314d ago
There is no way they could implement this into the Ps3 in time. They Just bought the company. It'll take a good while to come up with a plan on how to use it, programming, licencing all the games, and finally implementation. This is something for the PS4. And while it's sad we won't see it this generation, it is another in the growing reasons why we should be excited for the next.
lilbrat23  +   1315d ago
I would love ALL PS1 and PS2 games on the Vita as well :-)
WeskerChildReborned  +   1315d ago
Yea that would be sweet and they could use the back of the Vita for R2/L2 and the touch for L3/R3
sorceror171  +   1314d ago
I dunno. I like my PS3 a lot, but networking has never been its strongest point. Downloads from the PSN take *way* longer than similar sizes on my PC. It's better since I ran a wire to it and I'm no longer using Wifi, but... I'm not sure what kind of speed I'd get with a streaming setup.
t0mmyb0y  +   1314d ago
Wired will always be faster than wireless. My PS3 has always been wired. The Wii can have the wireless because it's kinda bunko anyways :)
t0mmyb0y  +   1314d ago
They'd make a killing haah
opinska  +   1315d ago
that would be a perfect move for sony if done right! PS2 titles to download and stream? Hell yeah! There are so many Ps2 titles I wish to play with my no backward compatibility Ps3... so I would buy a bunch if the Ps2 games are available for download.
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JBSleek  +   1315d ago
If true I have been saying that since day one and everyone acted like I disrespected Sony.

It is easier to stream older games that are less graphical and will take up less bandwith. No need to stream huge AAA titles that will eat away at your data cap very quickly. We aren't ready for such a future yet.

Now, this is far from BC since you are buying the games so everyone needs to stop saying this is BC because that would mean I don't have to buy the games over again which you would have to. It is just a work around.

No playing PS4 games on PS3...That never made sense anyway.
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Irishguy95  +   1315d ago
I just hope they look good on HD monitors, it's one thing I can't stand about playing on my Ps2 and Wii these days.
sashimi  +   1315d ago
well thats why i still keep a old SD tv w/ a ps2 plugged in laying around and that won't be changing anytime soon unless it breaks ofcourse
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SilentNegotiator  +   1315d ago
Don't hold your breath. They would have to remaster every title individually to run at higher resolutions natively.
LNDCalling  +   1315d ago
@SilentNegotiator Please explain how I can literally put a PS1/PS2 disc in my PC and/or via a direct rip of same, play the game on my PC at huge resolutions via an emulator even with all the overheads there are on a PC?

This is of course very easily possile with Gaikai running emulators on their server!

Naitive.. maybe not, but I'm hard pressed to see a difference when playing a PS1/2 game running at 1080p.
#3.1.3 (Edited 1315d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
Persistantthug  +   1315d ago
@SilentNegotiator.....says who?
Are PS1 games in the store remastered?
SilentNegotiator  +   1314d ago
Sony isn't going to use half-assed emulation for its title streaming.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1315d ago
If its the whole catalog I'll finally be able to play Dark Cloud 2 again. I never beat i for some reason and my brother gave it to somebody years ago. But I loved what I played of it so much that its one of my favorite games.
Moncole  +   1315d ago
Since its not a PS2 classic it most probably won't be up to stream. And if its your so called favorite game you would buy it for PS2 again, I am sure you can find a place that sells it.
#4.1 (Edited 1315d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ThatOneGuyThere  +   1315d ago
you can get a used ps2 for like 20 bucks almost anywhere...its not that hard...
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1315d ago
I still have my PS2. I never got rid of it and I still use it to do my yearly playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 and sometimes Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses. That game is so fun to play with friends and cheat codes.But anyway I can't ever find DC2 in any of the gamestops around and I just never bothered to buy it online.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1315d ago
I hope it's true.
R_aVe_N  +   1315d ago
That is very good to know that they are already pushing that out for the PS3. I didn't think that would use it until the PS4 so very good option to have imo.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1315d ago
That's good, Backwards compatibility won't be an issue anymore.
jadenyuki   1315d ago | Spam
cstyle  +   1315d ago
You got it wrong dude... Its mostly the sonys ones that are probably coming. All the other publishers have to be in on this if they are gonna make everyone available.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1314d ago
jadenyuki   1315d ago | Spam
Telepot  +   1315d ago
Either they're continuing development on the PS3 forever, or only allowing this on the new PS3 slim, or maybe they're just giving themselves a good send off.
Snookies12  +   1315d ago
Or maybe they're just doing this to test it out on PS3 to get ready for the transfer of the service to PS4?
Dlacy13g  +   1315d ago
Gaikai solves part of the backwards compatibility issue for Sony almost immediately as in they now can offer up all their old games through the service. The only set back or unsolved issue is this isn't backwards compatibility really, its just adding games to their catalog that the previously couldn't offer due to hardware issues. So you can play those old games now if you want...for a price.
joeyisback  +   1315d ago
i want a dark cloud PS3 remaster in hd
R_aVe_N  +   1315d ago
I am with you there pack Dark Cloud 1 & 2 and I would be such a happy man. I would really want a Dark Cloud 3 though but this is totally off topic lol.
2pacalypsenow  +   1315d ago
ugh i want Mega Man Legends :-(
LNDCalling  +   1315d ago
As for 'its not backwards compatibility'.. maybe not, but for me personally if they implimented 'true' backwards compatibility tomorrow it'd cost me close to 400 of our fine British pounds to buy all my old collections back.

So if they make old PS1 / PS2 games free to stream for PS+ subscribers then I must say it would make my day, week, month, year, gen!

This + new cheaper PS3 model will mean Sony will storm the end of this gen making an even stronger foundation for the PS4! Suprising as it may seem there are many millions of people still gaming on last gen hardware and this may just prompt them to go 'next-gen'.
violents  +   1314d ago
Agreed, they should defintly push to get this on ps3. Your right there are still a lot of people playing last gen, I was at walmart the other night and they still have brand new ps2 games on the shelf so they must still sell.

If they put this on ps3 and get another price drop for the holiday season they could defintly get a lot of the late comers to this gen.
jizzyjones  +   1315d ago
Free streaming of PS1/2 titles for PSN+ would make more sense.
TronEOL  +   1315d ago
That's exactly what I was about to say. They'd win everyone over with a Netflix-style streaming service of PS1 and 2 games with PS+.

Unless they took the "Onlive Route" and "sold" bundles of themes (RPG, FPS, TPS, etc) that allow you to play a bundle of games for a monthly, or yearly fee. And then also give you the option of buying the game streaming license.

I'd much rather see them do the first idea, but I'm not sure how profitable it'd be for Sony. I'll just wait and see.
NonApplicable  +   1315d ago
You guys only think it would make sense because it is convenient on your wallet. Aren't you satisfied with the service PS+ offers already?
aquamala  +   1315d ago
That makes no financial sense for Sony, it will cost you way more than just a ps+ subscription
darkgod  +   1315d ago
im not buying my games again..... :/ i really need to get a ps2.
shadow2797  +   1315d ago
The title is a bold-faced lie. Sony didn't say anything of the sort.

They're quoting their anonymous source and then attributing it to Sony in the headline. So congrats, you got my hit, thegamefanatics.

Basically, we still don't know what Sony is going to do with Gaikai, but at least we have yet another rumor to add to the BC rumor mill.
Drithe  +   1315d ago
I want to keep all my ps1 games on my Vita. What is this streaming games? Will I have to keep paying a monthly service for this? Cuz if so I DONT WANT IT. That means when I stop playing I lose all my data?

Just let me buy my games so I can keep them forever to play. Where is Brave Fenser Mushashi for Psn!

I feel Sony has really laid an egg on not putting more old games on PSN.
DivineAssault  +   1315d ago
dude theres a digital store! if u had a psp, im sure u digitally bought ps1 titles or have the choice to.. I still have a slim ps2 somewhere i can use for my ps1 gems like valkyrie profile, etc.. If sony puts out a new ps3 model that streams old content, so be it.. U dont have to use it cuz u can jus buy the digital version & store it on the HDD.. That goes for vita & all the other stuff too.. Its an adition to the already good media options
sriki007  +   1315d ago
fuck yeah!!!!!! I miss the classics...
Good move sony:)
THC CELL  +   1315d ago
If they can get em all on and working that would be cool also get the MP ones working too
#19 (Edited 1315d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DivineAssault  +   1315d ago
Sony will have physical, digital, & now streaming media services across the board.. No internet? go physical.. Dont want clutter? go digital.. Dont want to take up storage room & just wana rent w/o leaving the house? Go stream.. This will be awesome for movies, music, & games!
birdykilla  +   1315d ago
"The Warriors" = must have!
Dms2012  +   1315d ago
Kings Field 1 and 2 please.
bradleejones  +   1315d ago
I thought I was the only one who played those.
Dms2012  +   1315d ago
Very fond memories, I remember going back and forth between RE2 and KF2 in late 1998.
Akin0  +   1315d ago
Ideally for PS2 games if you have a PS2 game disc you could stick it in the PS3 and Gaikai would use that to determine you have an authenticated copy of the game. The PS3 wouldn't play the game directly off the disc but would stream the game from Gaikai. This could be free as part of a PS+ membmership. But I wonder if the PS2 discs are copyable this wouldn't work from Sony's point of view, pirates could download the iso.

Onlive has Playpacks which are a set of games bundled into a monthly fee. This structure for Sony / Gaikai would seem more likely, along with individual purchases of back catalog titles.
Strakken  +   1315d ago
Wow, so instead of keep making the backwards compatible PS2's they wait years and then purchase Gaikai for god knows how much and now give us shitty "Streaming" for our PS2 games. Do you know how fast your internet has to be for Gaikai to run? PRETTY DAMN FAST. So already a shit tone of people wont be able to use it, and then secondly I HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. That new rumored PS3 model better have backwards compatibility built in i swear to god *ellipsis*
Trenta27  +   1315d ago
I'm confused. Why don't they just offer them on the store? Why stream them? I don't get it.
Jazz4108  +   1315d ago
Because they are trying to make money quickly from there investment. I don't believe Sony can afford to buy into properites and not get a quick return right now. I'm sure this will happen in some form and is the reason Sony has chased Gaikai for months.
OpenGL  +   1314d ago
I can almost understand PS2 games since the PS3 doesn't have the memory bandwidth necessary to emulate the graphics synthesizer, but the entire PS1 library can be played on the PS3 already through software emulation, so streaming PS1 games really doesn't make any sense. It will just provide an inferior gameplay experience at a higher cost than being able to download the game and run it locally. Note by higher cost I'm including the cost of a subscription, bandwidth, etc.
#25.2 (Edited 1314d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thatdudesfrys  +   1315d ago
They NEED to put Rogue Galaxy on this! That game was so awesome.
r21  +   1315d ago
agreed and Radiata Stories please.
thatdudesfrys  +   1314d ago
ya! Radiata Stories was awesome.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1315d ago
lol at Microsoft!
Commodore  +   1315d ago
SOCOM 2 PLEASE... No online servers..... Ahhh f**k that then.
#28 (Edited 1315d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
red2tango  +   1314d ago
All I care about is Socom 2 as well. If we had a multiplayer only version on the PSN store, it would sell.
Commodore  +   1314d ago
The sad thing is, is that SONY only greenlights projects that are guaranteed to be financial losers and cost them even more money. Which is why they're pretty much bankrupt.
izumo_lee  +   1315d ago
I think if they do 'plan' to do this it will be their 1st & 2nd party software first or even all the titles that they publish or own the license of. For the 3rd party software they will need to get permission to release those.

Either way 2 generations of titles is massive & being able to stream them all will be awesome. Of course those that deserve HD remakes can still have their collections but save those for the extremely memorable classics.
Hazmat13  +   1315d ago
so do you need to be PS+ in order to get this feature?
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