Resident Evil 6 demo files point to Ada campaign

Files uncovered in the Resident Evil 6 demo point to the game featuring a fourth as-yet unrevealed campaign starring series regular Ada Wong.

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criticalkare1992d ago

Hopefully this will get officially announced later today

lastdual1992d ago

Let's hope it's not on-disk DLC...

Heavenly King1992d ago

Disk locked content again Capcom?? sight

shaun mcwayne1992d ago

I Played the Leon Mission, it looked sharp, ill play the other 2 levels tonight and report back.

Dark111992d ago

Great .. ada is one of the main reasons why i'm buying this game.

aDDicteD1992d ago

i hope it's unlockable when you finish a campaign or all 3 campaign,, i'll be pissed (and surely everyone else) if it's a dlc

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