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Submitted by skawtch 1313d ago | opinion piece

5 games that better be in the Steam Summer sale

5 games that better be in the Steam Summer sale » MyGaming News and Reviews (Anno 2070, Arma II: Combined Operations, From Dust, Max Payne 3 , Might & Magic Heroes VI, PC, Steam)

StayStatic  +   1313d ago
Hoping Arma II: Combined Operations (DayZ Mod :D) & maybe Might & Magic: Heroes VI , all my wallet can probably take right now lol xD

Already have Max Payne 3 , full price worth every penny.
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hilmart  +   1313d ago
From Dust is rather casual in my opinion.
I hope Telltale's The Walking Dead gets a discount an ofcourse ArmA:II - CO.
Love em zombies.

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