Rufus Hound Supports Mario Kart 7 Britain's Fastest Family Tournament

Comedian Rufus Hound is joining Nintendo in their quest to launch one of Britain's biggest family gaming tournaments and find Britain's fastest Mario Kart racers this summer. A self-confessed Mario Kart fan, Hound is to star in a series of exclusive videos which will be released throughout the summer from this week to get everyone ready for Mario Kart 7 Britain's Fastest Family Tournament.

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123_3212149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I thought Britains favourite family tournament was penalty shootouts. :-)

omi25p2149d ago

yeah the rest of the British national teams love the qualifying rounds

Leathersoup2149d ago

This is a pretty awesome idea.

TheLyonKing2149d ago

He isn't funny an I hope he does not make a return to celeb juice.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232149d ago

i hope he does.

his stand up is garbage but he is funny on Tv shows.

Dark_Overlord2149d ago

His stand up was that bad I had to turn it off half way through. Now his on the spot stuff (like TV etc) is hilarious.

omi25p2149d ago

i hope celeb juice doesn't make a return.