Project X Zone First Commercial

Namco Bandai released the first commercial spot for Project X Zone today.

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xtheownerzx2147d ago

I want this game so bad to come to the US. Does anyone know where and if we are able to import this?

EcoSos32147d ago

Yes you can import it but I would wait and see if it is announce first. You can get it almost anywhere but try this one.

ThePsychoGamer2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

You can get it on Playasia

How ever, even if you import it you will be unable to play it since Nintendo decided to make the very stupid move of region locking the 3DS.

Shame to since this title most likely won't make it over to the states due to the huge licensing fees the publisher would have to pay. (same reason Namco X Capcom didn't come out in the west.)

Break the locks.