North American Playstation Plus Titles Now Work on Vita

When the Vita launched, Sony kind of slipped up on a few minor promises and reasonable expectations. You know, PS1 support, full backwards compatibility with the PSP, and so on. While the majority of gamers didn’t really mind and continued to play the robust launch lineup, a few realized something was a bit off.

What a lot of people realized was that content they’d already paid for and was apparently confirmed to work on the Vita actually didn’t. Those people? Playstation Plus subscribers, of course! Who better to snub than the gallantly loyal fan who made a faith-filled purchase of your new system and also already had a PS3 with its extensive PS+ catalog of supposedly compatible Minis and PS1 titles?

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PirateThom2206d ago

I highly recommend The Impossible Game mini on your Vita. Addictive.

Rockefellow2206d ago

I've got that on my Android, and if I recall correctly, the Mini has an exclusive level or two. If so, listen and buy it!

Soldierone2206d ago

I'm a PS Plus....didn't know Sony working on bridging support for a brand new piece of hardware meant they were snubbing me....

Hicken2206d ago

Gotta make it sound negative before they make it sound positive. You know how this Sony news stuff goes.

r212206d ago

well they're finally doing something. the guy is right, rejoice PSP of NA people, free minis will now work your vita :D

MmaFan-Qc2206d ago

wow, kinda late to the party, been able to play Canabalt and Where's my hearth for what? 3-4 weeks?

GuruStarr782206d ago

Hopefully us ps plus subscribers will eventually get free content like we do on the ps3, except on the ps vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.