Preview: Nintendo’s Wii U

After a less than stellar showing at E3, many people have been skeptical about the Wii U.

The console seems solid, but how will it fare once Sony and Microsoft release new consoles.

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duckieoro1662d ago ShowReplies(1)
pat_11_51662d ago

I still want a 3d Mario and Zelda title, then they would have sold me on the system.

mike1up1662d ago

3D Mario is understandable, I want one too.

Nintendo just released a 3D Zelda last year, so you're just going to have to wait.

ChickeyCantor1662d ago

Zelda will come out sooner than you think.
Miyamoto expressed how tiresome the 5 year cycles are and want to move on quickly to the next project. And mostly all of them at Nintendo expressed something similar.

Expect to see a new zelda game sooner than the other zelda cycles.

Kaon1662d ago

Call me a sheep, but as long as there is Zelda I will follow Nintendo to the end.