In-game screenshots of Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Among the images in the earlier posted Famitsu Scans are supposedly real-time in game images of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Xeikon3681d ago

If thats in game..... OMFG!!!!

decapitator3681d ago

Yeah that's what I said to. When it comes to this stuff, no one beat SE. This game is looking very impressive. Am more hyped about FXII Versus though. The character designs are of this world.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

that`s NOT the REAL mighty.

the REAL mighty is Mighty_Douche.

but yes, fake mighty.

this is 100% in game.

VERY VERY nice find Counter Act.

this POSITIVE ps3 train keeps on ROLLIN!



that`s wierd.

that suck has i had you/ the fake one, ignored.

i`ll unignore this one for a bit, let me know when you get YOURS back.

Xeikon3681d ago

dude, its the real mighty.

for some reason my _ isnt showing? dont know why. buts its me!

Mr_Kuwabara3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

EDIT: Wow then that really sucks dude. I take back what I said before.

Xeikon3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

guys its the REAL MD, check the picture here, its got the --> _ <-- but its the fake accounts score/rank etc...? its starting to pi55 me off..

EDIT... for f*ck sake, now i cant upload images either.... this site is getting old very fast....

f7ss13681d ago

jeez thats pretty sharp lookin

SoulReaper3681d ago

I can only see it looking more incredible amazing when it comes near its completion..

zambrota3681d ago

with devs like SQUARE you cant have any confusions

Frances-the-Mute3681d ago

the game is looking gorgeous AND the developers aren't even done


solidt123681d ago

The ingame graphics look great. They really are stepping it up on FFXIII.

JsonHenry3681d ago

Those screen shots made me wish I liked JRPGs. But no matter how pretty the game I just can't get into it. : (

I will try anyway. Who knows, this one could be the one to make me jump on the bandwagon.

SIlent Sackboy3681d ago

That's the fake MD.
Take his bubbles.

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Baba19063681d ago

i believe it =D sqaure is the king of RPG =D

mesh13681d ago

hahahahahahaha u make me laugh every clip of final fantasy clips + screens they have shown is fmv none in igname FACT

CaliGamer3681d ago

Looks very nice indeed, with they had more screens but I guess I have to wait like everyone else. I bet many are really happy they got a PS3 now.

blacsheep3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

how a next-gen rpg should look!

does it look that way? who knows for certain ill wait for concrete proof personally.