Dead or Alive 5 - 14 minute gameplay video

14 minutes of gameplay and commentary taken directly from the Dead or Alive 5 E3 demo.

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level 3601849d ago

The look of the game has improved a lot, but I think that's about it. Remember Christie was my pick since she's the one I could really rely on with all the fighting moves/combos and get to kick the other characters' butts around.

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Andreas-Sword1848d ago

sex and Beat'em Up. yeah Day 1 buy!

Tainted Gene1842d ago

good vid....

But I wish they picked the other costumes/levels that have not be shown on the trailers and demos before. I mean there were about 7 levels to choose from and all three were from the ones the public have already seen before in trailers and the demos. Its almost as if Team ninja prohibited them from using the other costumes/levels.

but regardless, good vid.