Who Has the Best Deal on Games These Days?

Goozernation takes a look at some of the big box retailers such as Gamestop, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, as well as the idea behind the Mom and Pop store and places like eBay and and asks who has the best deals for gamers these days? Can a independent video game store survive in this gaming economy?

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guitarded772083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Amazon is my #1... it's tax free for me and I have Prime so I get free 2 day shipping and free release day shipping on pre-orders. Oh, and when they have the $ credits with pre-orders... that makes me all kinds of happy. Next is Wal-Mart and Best Buy, they have good online sales and I can buy it and just run in the store and pick it up. I really don't care for GameStop unless they have some exclusive pre-order bonus like they did with Starhawk. My main gripe with GameStop is when they sell a new game and it's not shrink wrapped.

R_aVe_N2083d ago

The only bad thing with amazon is on some pre-orders they dont offer release date delivery, and you have to keep checking your pre-orders to make sure that when they do you change your shipping method. I have 4 pre-ordered now that don't offer it hopefully they do closer to release I just have to remember to check it.

lastdual2083d ago

Amazon has great deals, but not as great as they've been in years past. I miss the days when they would frequently offer $20 credit on preorders for big games.

These days I find the best places are Newegg for new games and Gamefly for used. Both frequently offer deals, such as Newegg's recent incentive that gave $10 off every game preordered (I reserved AC3, Ni No Kuni, GOW:Ascension and several others, plus got $12 off on Darksiders 2). Amazon credit is nice, but it's hard to beat an actual price cut.

BiggCMan2083d ago

Besides selling your games to them of course, I would say Steam trumps all of these in sheer amount of dollars saved. That's without any type of rewards program either, their deals are straight up amazing and you don't need to be a special type of member or anything like Gamestop's PowerUp Rewards Pro.

SavageFlamingo2083d ago

Steam may have good deals. But it doesn't really factor in to this article. We are talking about physical copies of games. Not everyone can afford building a killer PC for gaming. But you're right. Steam has great deals.

coolbeans2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I don't see how that negates DL-based purchases from entering into the argument, especially when considering just how much of the market-share now revolves around it.

coolbeans2083d ago

Steam still does some of the best game deals around; however, it's nearly impossible for them to compete with Amazon on normal days solely based on the fact of how many locally-owned game retailers flock there for game sales. It's quite astonishing to see how much they'll undercut typical retail prices just to move inventory.

Just recently I saved about $4 on a mint boxed edition of Mirror's Edge and $7 on LA Noire Complete Edition (New disc-based copy as well) compared to purchasing them on steam -- at this instant.
I could just be a lucky shopper though :D

FarEastOrient2083d ago

The yearly steam sales of 50-75% off makes games so cheap that I've a few that I haven't even played yet.

joab7772083d ago

So basically this article states that we should look everywhere does the best deal. That's what I do for buying and trading in. Sometimes eBay is good to buy and sell. If the market is saturated then buy and so not sell and vice versa. If u r really in tune, u can actually make money or play games for next to nothing. Many times, $10 isn't enough of a saving to forgo a preorder bonus. I know gamers both slot about pricing, but an astute shopper can find great deals if u r patient. And it's easy to b patient this year. I can't keep up. Rpgs have me very happy right now but way behind.

dirthurts2083d ago

Amazon for sure.
I just bought 5 games for After two promotions applied and stacked.
Tomb Raider Underworld, and Guardian of Light.
Command and Conquer 2,
Just Cause 2
Kane and Lynch 2
I'm pretty happy.

akiraburn2083d ago

As for myself, I've found that a combination of Amazon and Gamefly seems to offer the best prices almost all around. Especially if you're a Gamefly subscriber. If you check out Gamefly's store prices, there are a massive amount of games you can get "used" for lower than anyone else offers. The reason I put the word "used" in quotations is because those games can hardly be considered used. The games themselves have been played before (the copies they send to customers), but they are all guaranteed to be working copies of the games (I haven't received a game yet that's had more than a few smudges that I could wipe off, no visible scratches at all), and they always come with the case and manual, including any downloadable content or online passes that normally would come in a new copy of the game.

A few examples of deals I've checked out... I was able to get SOCOM 4 and Fist of the North Star for $7 each back in December, Rage for $5 in February, FFXIII-2 for $7 in May, and Soul Calibur 5 for around $10. If you are a Gamefly subscriber you also automatically get free shipping, and every three months you get $5 toward their used games, as well as getting a 5% discount on any purchased games after 6 months, and that goes up to a 10% discount after hitting a year as a subscriber.

And as I said, Amazon is another obvious choice due to their pre-order benefits for upcoming games (often times $10 to $20 credits are given out), the free super saver shipping (plus 99 cent release day deliveries for pre-orders, and the free 2-day shipping for Prime members) and sometimes they can beat out Gamefly's prices for slightly older titles. As for new releases, there really have not been any places I've found that offer decent prices until three to six months after release.

As for other places, I've noticed Best Buy can have great prices on certain specific games and awful prices on others, but the real issue is dealing with their customer service. I have had some of the worst and most atrocious experiences with Best Buy's customer service departments (both on the phone and in-person at my local store). And aside from them, I could also mention GoHastings. I haven't used them a whole lot, but of the three or so purchases I've made on their store, I've bought three games each time (on their buy 2 get 1 free sales) and have received all games with their original case, manual, and the games themselves have been in pretty good condition. Definitely playable. I hope this helps some.

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