How Halo 4 Would Look in CryEngine 3 (PIC)

GR - "A DICE artist currently working on Battlefield 3 has thrown together a mockup of the interior of a Halo ship using CryEngine 3."

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Wizziokid2055d ago

damn now that is impressive, maybe Halo 5 (next gen) could get closer to this if not reach this level.

joab7772055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

It will look really good next Gen but it isn't bad now. It's come a long way on the 360 from halo 3 to 4. But, it's similar to Zelda in the sense that it's art style is part of it's allure. I don't think I want it to look like Battlefield 3. My question is, if it is a Dice worker, why didn't we see it using the "next Gen engine" frostbite 2? I would have understood if it was a crysis 3 worker. But, cryengine is hyperrealistic, I want to see it on unreal engine 4 or the new square Enix engine. Imagine cutscenes using that. Anyway, I am more excited for halo 4 than any other halo this Gen. I love the fact that there's a new story , a new enemy, and most important, new environments to explore. And Spartan ops sounds refreshing. We will see.

jimbobwahey2055d ago

He made this for his portfolio, to demonstrate his skills as an artist. He probably did Halo in CryEngine because he's a fan of Halo, and CryEngine provides some of the most impressive graphics around, which are a good demonstration of his skills. It's basically something he can have to show people and say "Look at how awesome I am at crafting environments". He already has Battlefield 3 pieces on his website, so showing proficiency with other engines and tools is a good thing, it shows flexibility.

Gaming1012055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Looks good, I wonder if he's pining for a job either with Bungie or Microsoft's next Halo project?

t0mmyb0y2055d ago

Well said. Lots of game strive due to how the art style is used. The new Zelda looks like ass compared to 360/PS3 games, but the more you play it the more you appreciate it (and somehow starts to look better the further you get lol)

DeadlyFire2055d ago

Well if you are possibly looking for another job. You don't just post work from one art style. You need variation to prove that you can do more than just work on a battlefield. :P

Proving that you can work with other tools and game engines is a positive as well. Working with only one limits your hiring options.

Frostbite 2 vs. CryEngine 3 you would not see much of a difference really. It would be very subtle. Both feature Next-Gen console graphics. Well for the PC you can have Next-gen every 2-3 years pretty much without much of an upgrade.

orange-skittle2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Goes to show that developers are fans too. I am sure the next gen Halo will look this good on the new XBOX 8. One thing for certain, DICE has an amazing engine as well, but I wanna see that new Unreal 4 put to the test

@ Gaming101-Your name says it all because you are definitely a noob. Bungie doesn't make Halo anymore! DUMMY

Gaming1012054d ago

@ dummies above ^
He could either be a Bungie fan or a Halo fan, and showing his skills won't exactly hurt his career prospects.

Use your brain, douchebags.

Nac2054d ago

We really have come along way this gen, for everybody. Yes, even the Wii too...

1nsaint2054d ago

@orange-skittle really dude? Xbox 8? Where are the other six?
They dont skip 6 generations just because microsoft bought the domain name xbox 8.

Ubisoft also bought the domain name assassins creed 10, u think they skip 4 to 9 too?

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solid_si2055d ago

How the hell did they get Cryengine...u have to have licence agreement to get access to it. Dice have there own engine...i wonder if they took cryteks engine by piracy and edited it ann then called it Frostbite.

ZoyosJD2055d ago

"Anyone can now download a full version of the best All-In-One Game Development Engine, for free and use it without charge for non-commercial game development. You can try out the fastest toolset for creating game worlds and use the power of CryENGINE 3 in your own games"

pandehz2055d ago

bahahahahah *cough cough* hahahahahaha

lmao its available freely for non commercial use

krisq2054d ago

Yes. Yes, they did take CryEngine and renamed to Frostbite. For sure.

TekoIie2055d ago

Haha, you said Reach X3

Smkt2055d ago

shouldn't a DICE employee be using Frostbite 2?

OneAboveAll2055d ago

Because you know, they don't get free time to do things like this when they aren't working. /s

joab7772055d ago

They do and at first I thought that the publisher would prefer the advertising to bolster their product until I realized that the cryengine and frostbite engine are both owned by EA. The question is, why did this guy wanna see it on cryengine and not frostbite? Unless of course he already has. Let us see that too, lol.

Pandamobile2055d ago

CryEngine is owned by Crytek. Not EA.

Raf1k12055d ago

Frostbite 2 belongs to the company he works for so maybe he'd need to get express premission before using it for stuff unrelated to his job. I think CryEngine 3 has a free version people can use as one of my friends is using it for his Masters degree.

sandman2242055d ago

That looks amazing, but would it control as good on there engine. If not go f yourself because halo controls are a hell of a lot better than crysis.

hiredhelp2055d ago


If not go f yourself because halo controls are a hell of a lot better than crysis.

wow real mature there thanks for that satement.

Tachyon_Nova2055d ago

Why wouldn't it? You just have to set up the movement the same which could be done in an afternoon...

MYSTERIO3602055d ago

i hope crysis 3 looks as good as this on console

Pandamobile2055d ago

Not this generation of consoles.

MYSTERIO3602053d ago

yh but im still going to hope it does anyway. Crytek have been known to get the best out of hardware and have said it themselves that current gen hasn't been pushed to its limit. They want to cap this gen of gaming with a stunner.

Gorbenshore2055d ago

This is amazing! Too bad they're not using Cryengine for the Halo games. It would be a perfect match. Add in destructible maps too.

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