Soul Sacrifice Has AI Support Allies

Soul Sacrifice is a multiplayer action game. So what do you do if you feel like playing by yourself or (more likely) you just don't have any friends?

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SirBradders1729d ago Show
WetN00dle691729d ago

WOW...Soul Sacrifice *Drools*
This game looks awesome!

Summons751729d ago

AI support ewwwww

I thought this was suppose to be a fast paced version of demon souls, seems like a let down if I have to have AI support

rezzah1728d ago

AI support isn`t bad, unless they get in your way.

GuruStarr781729d ago

I absolutely can't wait for this game to drop!!!

Ultr1729d ago

neither can I! No MH for Vita?! EAT Soul Sacrifice Capcom bitchez!!!

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