Iwata: 'Wii U pessimism similar to Wii response - its uniqueness is difficult to understand'

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has likened pessimistic Wii U responses to concerns expressed about the console's predecessor in 2006.

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VanillaBear1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Really because I thought people just didn't really get their head around the motion control but at least then you announced the specs, knew what you were doing and who your target audience was.

All you guys have really shown off is the controler, like thats the main thing when you should be focusing on the console its self...I mean it's next gen, this is where you show everyone what your console can do. Two E3s you guys have failed of showing this off, two years in a row and you still seem to be focusing on the controler even thought you say that your aiming at the core again.

Honestly the whole "core" thing just seems like a trick to get them to buy the Wii U for more sales from both audiences but if the casual fall for another gimmick again then it's so long core gamers....untill next gen.

Next gen consoles by Sony and MS might not have a big leap in graphics or power but I bet it will still be enough where we can see that we are playing on a next gen console, where we all can see the difference. If third party support see they can make better things on those platforms then you guys will be left in the dust again.

The pessimism is only there because you don't seem to have a clue where you are actually going with this console not to mention little off putting things like the hard drive apparently being small or the name...the Wii U which jsut sounds like an improved Wii not a next gen console. I mean it comes out this year and you havent even released the specs. Can you blame people...

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live2play1936d ago

specs specs specs
like if they threw letters and numbers at you, you would know what they mean

snd if your still confused about the wiiu then i cant help you there

its nintendos next generation system, has a unique controller inspired by the second DS screen

it will have smash bros, a mario 3d adventure, metroid, and legend of zelda
among many other unique experiences

corrus1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


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Knushwood Butt1936d ago

I understand the 'uniqueness' of looking down at my controller for maps and menus.

However, I'm not interested in doing that, and I can't really imagine that any type of gamer is, to be honest.

Salamander1935d ago

Think outside the box bro. Theres alot of potential, wait and see.

Knushwood Butt1935d ago

Where are all these great ideas then?

I can see a few uses in a party game situation, but that's about it.

StraightedgeSES1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Nintendo announcing the specs of the Wii U right now is a horrible business decision.

And another thing why does it matter what system people play on? if it has the same multiplats same content whats the point of saying the version on the Wii U is better or the Version on the ps4/720 is better when its the same game.

DeadlyFire1935d ago

They are waiting for September to reveal specs, price, and details about their console. For some reason they think others are going to copy their console. If so much fear why not delay until other consoles launch at the same time. :P

We all know WiiU has a Power7 based CPU with unknown number of cores/threads. An AMD 4000 series GPU. The safest GPU for them to use is what? 4670 or 4650. I am betting that its somewhere between those two. If its better than that I will be pleasantly surprised. Specs shouldn't matter. Its Nintendo we are talking about. Nintendo is aiming to get 100% third party support this time. You can play your Call of Duty and Mario on the same console with reasonable graphics. So enjoy.

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mike1up1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I really do not believe that this is a matter of uniqueness. Sony and Microsoft have both embraced the idea of the 2nd screen, in their own way.

Most of the pessimism that I have heard seems to be based off of Nintendo launching first. The Nintendo Wii was significantly weaker than the PS3 and 360, therefore, some people assume the WiiU to merely be an upgrade to the underpowered Wii and not it's HD competitors.

I do, however, see this interview as a win for Iwata. Imo he is right. Initially the Wii, DS, and 3DS did not recieve warm welcomes.

Hicken1935d ago

It's between that, and uncertainty about how "core" it's going to be. I'm not dismissive of the second screen, but I'm skeptical about whether or not it'll have the sort of gaming experiences I like.

NovusTerminus1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I understand it, I just don't want it.

Why do I not want it? Lack of games for me to play. I don't want Mario, nor Pikmin. I would like Nintendo to try a new IP, and not Nintendoland, or whatever it was called.

Something to sit with the serious side of gaming. Zelda needs to go a little darker, not gore mind you, just darker, Majora's Mask was dark. And I love that game.

I just want to see more mature games from them, or 3'rd party games. I am not interested in ZombiU... I am about zombie'd out right now.

I already know I will end up with the console for SSB. But I am hoping for more then just that game.

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modesign1936d ago

IWATA is just killing the wiiu with every statement he says. he needs to learn to STFU.

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gamer78041936d ago

Honestly from what Nintendo has presented, its not the Masses that don't seem to understand it, Nintendo itself is really not understanding it or conveying that in their press conferences

Salamander1935d ago

I dont understand how someone who made something cannot understand what they made? conveying can be harder i know that. But i understand everything they have been conveying so far, because i have been listening with an open mind. The "masses" should try it.

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