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Despite having a number of key mechanics lifted right out of the Akham franchise and a few control issues, The Amazing Spider-Man habitually articulates what it’s like to be an agile, sinewy superhero.

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JRPGLuva1985d ago

Not a bad score. I can wait for this game's price to swing down from the sky.

madmad1985d ago

Sounds like a lot of taken right out of Batman. Rocksteady should be honored. They created the comic book game template.

RaptorMan1985d ago

Is it me or do all the screenshots from the game look much better than actual in-game graphics?

sharpsword1985d ago

Pretty good review.

I am confused about one thing. With Sam Raimi not attached to the films and games, why is Bruce Campell still around? I don't mind the guy just surprised they he wouldn't stand by his friend.

mediastudies1985d ago

Supposedly the split between Raimi and Sony was amicable and Bruce needs to make a living, you know.


PS3Freak1985d ago

If this game is anything like Spiderman 2 I want it.

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