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The Six Least Gratifying Game Endings I’ve Ever Experienced

UM writes: Mass Effect 3 got me thinking about some other game experiences I played through where the endings just did not leave me feeling sated. And here they are, in their complete lack of glory. (Borderlands, Halo 2, PC, PS3, Rage, Retro, Xbox 360)

Canary  +   784d ago
Final Fantasy X, for me. My first FF game. Really wanted to keep playing. Fantastic game.

And I guess Throne of Bhaal. I miss Minsc. And Jaheira. And Boo!
silkrevolver  +   783d ago
I LOVED the ending to FFX.

I’m glad they didn’t add a cheesy “Bring Titus back” ending... well, at least not until FF X-2
Canary  +   783d ago
I just named two of the best endings in gaming history. It was more of a, "I really hate that it's over" sentiment.
Axecution  +   784d ago
Kane and Lynch 2. LOL the hell was that?
darkride66  +   784d ago
Halo Retch for me. God that whole single player campaign was phoned in. No characters, no story, just run from a to b while all your faceless, forgettable cannon fodder die. And then a kick in the nuts at the end and the ole "But hey! It all worked out in the other games, didn't it?"

I'll watch depressing movies and love em, but that's usually done with a point in mind. People have told me, "But of course Reach fell. It's a prequel. Didn't you read the books?" No I didn't read the books, and I don't care to play a game that requires me to be well versed in everything outside of the game for me to give a crap about the characters or game ending. To me, that's about as lazy as it comes. I've played videogames with themes of loss and sacrifice before. Halo Reach was one of the least satisfying game endings I've ever had the misfortune to experience, and this was on top of it's lackluster campaign compared to the other titles.

Disappointing in every way. I'll never understand how this generic, Halo wannabe clone received so much critical praise. "Oh, you know what we should do. Let's make a shotgun, but make it an alien shotgun. Ooh! Ooh! And how about a rocket launcher, but aaaaalieeeen! That's new!" So many things wrong with this game...
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Randypan  +   784d ago
I think you deserve a medal for making it to the end of Kane and Lynch 2 sir. Definitely agree with the Rage ending, was proper balls. Seem to remember the ending of Fallout 3 being a bit weak, but can't actually recall why that was.
DFogz  +   784d ago
Fallout 3's ending sucked because, you didn't know it was coming until it was too late to back out of. Either you or your father get trapped in a room and die and then that was it...Game Over.
Once that happened you couldn't go back to the wasteland to finish up anything else you had left to do or explore further. You had to start a new character (or load an old save) to get back to the wasteland.

I do believe that they fixed that with one of the DLC's and let you continue playing after then ending though.
Randypan  +   784d ago
Ah yes, that was it. Was well pissed off. I had absolutely fucking loved it up till that point as well.
I had every intention of replaying it to check out all the stuff I had missed, but never played again after I got to the ending that first time.
Fyflin  +   784d ago
Man I remember finishing Halo 2 for the first time, I was straight on the internet to find out if that was really it!

Rage has one of the worst endings I've ever seen, in the fact that it is literally none existent. No excuse after the sheer amount of time it was in development.
Oldman100  +   783d ago
Killzone 3

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