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dedicatedtogamers2088d ago

Ummmm....FF7 launched on PC back in 1998.

PirateThom2088d ago

This one has much higher system requirements though.

dedicatedtogamers2088d ago

That is likely due to achievements, cloud compatability, etc.

gaffyh2088d ago

@dedicated - It was always compatible with Cloud.


JoySticksFTW2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

SE should implement what the mod community already did for the the first FFVII release.

Like replace the super deformed characters with the battle versions (or better yet, the Advent Children versions) when walking around the environments.

It's hard to go back to chubby Cloud jumping off that train at the beginning, after seeing tall, normal Cloud and Barret do it in the mods.

A couple of examples below:

-Gespenst-2088d ago


No to all of that. Would ruin it, it's perfect the way it is. Stop trying to force today's standards on it.

There's something about modding that just spoils a game for me. It breaks the illusion that the game is self-contained and untouchable. I don't want modders spoiling VII like that.

JoySticksFTW2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Uh the modders in this case are trying to preserve immersion. FFVI is perfect because of the consistent character look throughout.

But even back then, FFVII's SD characters to normal character transitions were jarring to some of us.

And where did u get forcing today's standards on older games from? Just one game later, FFVIII kept the same character design throughout the game to maintain the feel and immersion. The modders are just doing what Square themselves did a few years later.

To each their own, but the original FFVII is still there for all to play.

The story doesn't need to be touched, but there are some people that would like to see even a slight update in graphics (hence loads of fans begging for a remake). If SE won't do it, then I guess it's up to the fans that care to realize this dream.

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sjaakiejj2088d ago

That's what I thought... I'm confused.

kyon1472088d ago

The first release of the PC FF7 I think was a port not the official release

Letros2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

What does that even mean? Squaresoft officially released FF7 for the PC way back in the day. This is just a rerelease.

kyon1472088d ago

Yeah after double checking you are right, they did release the first game, it was just crappy with bad sound and lots bugs which made me think it was just a port..

Moncole2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Who cares if the requirements are low? I am sure there will be a custom mod to make it look better. As long as I can use a controller and its on Steam I am good.

LightSamus2088d ago

"Available Exclusively on the SQUARE ENIX Store" Don't get your hopes up.

Moncole2088d ago

Thats a bad move. They will sell much more if they make it available more places.

Chrono2088d ago

Which one is it? Do they sell games digitally?

Vin13cent2088d ago

Again SE waste our time with other things to distract us from Versus..nice try SE..BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!!! WE WANT VERSUS!! STOP PLAYING WITH US!

Summons752088d ago

So true, I don't mind the wait I will love it all the same but your right they just love to rey and distract us.

Vin13cent2088d ago

It's not like I'm in a hurry or something,I really don't mind If I wait a little longer for it to be a REAL masterpiece,but they keep waste time elsewhere when their first priority must be Versus

abcd2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I'm tired of this comments.

Understand one thing: Square-Enix has a lot of teams.

Some teams will not delay their projects because Versus XIII wasn't released yet.

Vin13cent2088d ago

Dude,just gtfo! I'm tired of guys like you..Every FF7 fan asks for a remake and now look what they've done..a PC version??? Who really needs a PC version? FF7 is a playstation game,not made for PCs..It just ruin it imo! We are clear that we want a FF7 remake or Versus as soon as possible! who mentioned PC version? Admit it that they're playing with us and they just want to distract us from Versus to buy time

abcd2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

You don't understand what I said. But it's ok.

And I don't care about FF 7 pc version or FF 7 remake. FF 7 isn't my favorite FF.

Lulz_Boat2088d ago

a "sales test" before the console version?!?!

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