Halo 4 Console Spotted at Mall of America?

The units pictured were spotted by a Flickr user at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, but as pointed out by Little English Halo Blog, their styling is significantly different to previous Halo consoles.

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aviator1892179d ago

Doubt it, that just looks like a console skin.

CustardTrout2179d ago

Hardly surprises me, Halo 3 and Reach had special consoles.

JKelloggs2178d ago

If it is, that doesn't look appealing to me

CGI-Quality2178d ago

I'm getting it, regardless. I doubt this is the real deal, but I expect an unveiling for the actual unit fairly soon!

Laxman2178d ago

Doesnt look very good. I like special edition consoles to not outright advertise the game, but rather be 'inspired' by it, so to speak. Look at the Reach and Gears of War 3 Xbox 360's for example. They look awesome, but this just looks like too much, or too 'in your face'.

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