Tokyo Jungle Ships 200,000 Copies

FanCensus says: "Sony revealed yesterday that since its June 7th Japanese release, post-apocalyptic animal survival sim Tokyo Jungle has reached 200,000 units shipped. The figure is through June 22nd and includes shipments of both downloads and disc versions of the game."

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portal_22083d ago

It's a day-1 buy for me when it hits the UK.

sikbeta2083d ago

This game will be PSN if ever gets pass Japan, crazy game, but in a good sense :P

r212083d ago

despite the zany setting for the game, im gonna play it :D

Tonester9252083d ago

I want to play this for some reason lol

Hicken2083d ago

I've wanted to play it since I heard about it. One of those "so crazy it just might work" type of things.

Tonester9252083d ago

Yea! I seen this a while ago too and I was always interested about it. How many animals do you get to play with?

Hicken2083d ago

I don't know, exactly. I was watching a guy playing it through nico nico the week of E3(Vita FTW!), and he was running through the city with a pack of wolves, four of em, I think. I don't know if you can create a bunch of different animals or what, though.

310dodo2083d ago

i just want to run around as a little dog!!