New combo editor DLC screens revealed for Street Fighter X Tekken

Several new screenshots, featuring the upcoming combo editor DLC, have been revealed for the multiplatform fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken.

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KontryBoy7062060d ago

Crapcom and their DLC. Sigh...

Hufandpuf2060d ago

Whats the point of a combo editor in this game? By the 6th hit your basically doing next to zero damage

josephayal2060d ago

TBH i dont like this GAME, IM Back to SSF4 AE 2012

BigShotSmoov0072060d ago

I haven't played this game in so long just because capcom is blantantly nickel and dime'ing people with this game. The dlc crap, buying better gems that gives you an unfair advantage, buying new costumes. It never ends with capcom so i'm done with them.

Enigma_20992060d ago

... a combo editor... REALLY?

Can't see how THIS will be abused...