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Should the PS4 have a new name? 86% of PS3 gamers think not

Will Sony come up with a new name for the next PlayStation? As it happens, PlayStation gamers would prefer Sony sticks to the simple numerical system. (Next-Gen, Sony)

SandWitch  +   1125d ago
I'm not between those 86%, but only because I'm not PS3 gamer :P

Sony should keep this naming system for their home consoles, otherwise people may be confused what the new product is. PS(number) is simple and well-known in the world. That's why Nintendo didn't drop "DS" and "Wii" names, it was their most successful consoles.
badz149  +   1125d ago
ok, fair enough
the next PS could be named "PS4" or considering the purchase of Gaikai, the "PS Cloud (PSC)".

but Sony is originally Japanese, so going back their language, "4" and "C" are both pronounced as "shi" which has the same sound as "DEATH"!

they might not want their next console has that kind of name now do they? but this is just my 2 cents!
RevXM  +   1125d ago
You know Sony always uses english pronunciation.
All the way from Playstation to Ps3.

Playstation Four... No Shi in there.
AnotherProGamer  +   1124d ago
They can call it PS4 in NA/EU and they can change the name of it in japan
fr0sty  +   1125d ago
Still, 4 is considered an unlucky number in Japan, english or not. Sony already broke the numbered name trend with Vita, it's likely they'll do the same with PS4.
CranberryPub  +   1125d ago
I think it should be renamed to give it a new identity
sly-Famous  +   1125d ago
Crazyglues  +   1125d ago
Why would you re-name it when you have been building that brand for years, and Your entire fan base thinks the next system is called PS4..?

That would be like taking out Call Of Duty from the game name and just calling it- fight for war, and then wondering why it didn't sell like all the others when half the fan base didn't even know that was the new game because you changed the entire name..


seriously that would be like the worst Idea ever...

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Oh_Yeah  +   1125d ago
as long as it has playstation in the name and they advertise it as the successor im sure no ones going to have a hard time knowing
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hiredhelp  +   1125d ago
Make that 86.1%. I want to keep it original playstation 4.
badz149  +   1125d ago
can't help but to comment on your math
let say there are 50mil PS3 gamers, 0.1% of that is 500k, not just YOU!
hiredhelp  +   1125d ago
Dude really you need to be that petty.
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1124d ago
i think your math might be off. 10% of 50mill is 500K. so .1% would be like 5 people.
Pozzle  +   1125d ago
I don't see why they would change it. "Playstation 4" just makes sense since the others were also names numerically. Changing the name would just confuse customers.
Vin13cent  +   1125d ago
There's no reason to change it! It sounds good and we have habituate it
Sarobi  +   1125d ago
I'd be okay with it if they named it Playstation Orbis.. because that sounds pretty cool to me, but than that.. I'd take PS4
sly-Famous  +   1125d ago
If its not broken why fix it? PS4 for me thank you.
Oh_Yeah  +   1125d ago
the number 4 means death, gloom, bad luck in japan, so i can see why they wouldnt. PS Orbis sounds fine if they chose to name it that..doesnt really matter to me either way as long as its a quality system.
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Sarobi  +   1125d ago
Even though many of people may find it silly, I understand why they'd hold off on putting the number 4 in the name. Honestly "Orbis" would be a cool name if they decided to go with that.. it would go perfectly with "Vita"
Oh_Yeah  +   1125d ago
yeah lol obviously alot in japan dont though. they remove the number 4 from many hotel rooms, hospital rooms, street addresses, just straight skip it...so them not naming the next playstation ps4 seems probable.
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ha2e48  +   1125d ago
PlayStation substance, as in its a substantial failure haha arrow, knee
Jamaicangmr  +   1125d ago
Keep it.
Add my vote to keeping it. It would be immediately recognized and embraced. A new name means alot of consumers would overlook it as the next true playstation and maybe thinking Sony is saturating the brand.

It's not like the names tainted it's one of if not Sony's stranges brand.
Lucretia  +   1125d ago
nah the name and controller can stay the same, no need to change it
RevXM  +   1125d ago
Nothing is wrong with Calling it Ps4.

But it doesnt matter what they call it, not for me.
Its what the system can do and the games that matters.

However it probably would be best to just call it Ps4 or give it a cool name everyone can pretty much agree is a decent name.
r21  +   1125d ago
Im okay with PS4 just like the other PS consoles or PS Orbis :D
BlaqMagiq24  +   1125d ago
PS4 or PS Orbis is fine with me as long as they keep the PlayStation name. Change is good every once in a while.
black911  +   1124d ago
All im gonna say is Sony is the reason that microst and nintendo didnt put a number at the end of their consoles name.

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