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Submitted by ITFGaming 1319d ago | trailer

Assassin's Creed 3 Rise Trailer

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: check out the latest trailer from Assassin's Creed 3. For freedom to rise, the oppressor must fall. Blood will be shed, sacrifices will be made, but the idea we all fight for will live on forever. (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Kopite_2020  +   1319d ago
Wow, us brits really are an evil bunch!
OMEGAZONE  +   1319d ago
Compared to Americans we are saints.
cleft5  +   1319d ago
Someone needs to learn some history. So how are the Ireland relations going? And sure the whole EU thing is just a an unfortunate situation. Bottom line is that any 1st world country is going to have a turbulent history because there is a heavy price to pay for being 1st world. So please, stop trying to act like one country is better than the next. Oh and America Fuck Yeah.
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omi25p  +   1319d ago
ceft5. Shut up. I Could quite easily turn this in to a huge debate about country's. But im not going to, If you want to talk like an utter moron do it on youtube were its common and accepted.
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AntoineDcoolette  +   1319d ago
Monaco is a first world country and it doesn't have the blood of foreigners on its hands!! So hah!
Kopite_2020  +   1316d ago
@Cleft I'd love you to explain the "Ireland relations" and "the whole EU thing".
clarkjudo  +   1319d ago
This was a historical war conflict that was truly not about race. But freedom from Empire rule of the day.
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extermin8or  +   1319d ago
lol wow, we'll see how historically accurate the game is upon release, but atm it's just looking like more twisted crap to keep the america market happy; I mean yes the fighting was to abolish the rule of the Empire but the people rebelling and fighting for 'freedom' weren't exactly saints; it was a war both sides would've done equally bad things, and that trailer makes the British sound like they were total bastards which isn't really tue, also wtf that kid wont learn about a country he'll never visit so what?
American history among other countries I may never visit...
strange1986  +   1319d ago
Eamon  +   1319d ago
lol this trailer is pretty much a jumping at patriotic americans to be interested.
clarkjudo  +   1319d ago
Stop hating Americans. This was a historical war conflict that was truly not about race. Many lives were sacrificed for the cause of FREEDOM.
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Eamon  +   1319d ago
I wasn't hating on anybody. It's just that the trailer was pretty one-sided considering that the creators have been reiterating that the game won't be taking sides.
clarkjudo  +   1319d ago
This was a historical war that was truly not about race.
Why are people getting so crazy or empty minded over the historical events of the history of people who died for the cause of FREEDOM of that day? Freedom is not free. The one of the reasons why we are able to freely comment on this video or any other on this public web-site. This was a historical war that was truly not about race. It was the desire to fight if need to do so to gain freedom. Freedom from Empire rule of the day and the Liberty to be your own country and or nation.
SAE  +   1319d ago
Its not like there are other countries that fought for freedom , even now people fighting , example is my country , Bahrain , they are fighting for it for hundreds of years , facing dictators , even saudia have people fighting for there rights , they defeated alot , they always get others because of other rulers such as america government that support these kind of humens

Anyway , our history could make great stories even without creating from imagination such as assassins but no one is spread it in games or movies ..etc because we are still fighting for our freedim ...
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Rumplebumpkin  +   1319d ago
I wonder if we'll see some trailers from the British side after the 4th July celebrations have passed in the US.
SAE  +   1319d ago
What do you expect ?.. Americans are perfects , they are the ones who started the revolution thing , its not like there is other intresting revolutions , its not like there are other great people who fought for these things or even better things

Why always choose america ?. Why not choosing middle east or china or africa or egypt or japan ?.. I prefer playing in europe , anything but america ....

Since this is not all facts , then they can do it in any other country but noo , they choose america ....
cleft5  +   1319d ago
Dude the other Assassins Creed games where somewhere in the middle east. The last one was in Rome and Italy. This is like the 4th or 5th game and now it is set in America.
BlackPhoenix  +   1319d ago
But we didn't have 4 trailers glorifying Arabs against crusaders or Italians....
SAE  +   1319d ago
Which one ?.. The first game ?.. They could make the story better then the first game , it could be much better , They need to focus in other countries then america , even i who font live in america startes to know its history because of repeating it in movies and games , you people have to learn other cultres , arent you intrested to know china history ?. Or middle east ?.. Or africa ?. These places have potentiol ..

Sorry for the mistakes :)

America didnt insipre anyone , its the one who got inspired from other countries , there are many revolutions in each country , america revolution is not the start of date and time .

I respect your history , i dont hate americans(but i hate it government)
All im saying that we got tired of america being the good and we are all the bad
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phantomexe  +   1319d ago
no Ideath489 you are wrong. It's true we weren't the frist to revolution but are actions did change the worlds view to the day. There is know country to this day as free as america. I'm buy no means saying america is perfect. Some of you guys need to read world history. The british empire didn't lose one war to america they lost in the war of 1812 as well. I'm very proud of my country history because even in are worst of times are action define what we become. Weather your black,white,mulism or jew we are all one. So yes we inspire a world that wants the freedoms that we share.
Eamon  +   1319d ago
Now that cleft5 mentions it, the trailers for AC1 were indeed very balanced. None of them glorified the Saracens or Crusaders.

As for AC2 and ACB, well, the Borgias are pretty much villains with self-interest in real history but the trailers have always made it to be that the Templars are the enemy.

AC3 trailers have been pretty much making the red coats the enemy entirely. Although, tbh, I don't really care that much. The British Empire has never exactly been known for morals and principles. But Americans were the same too.
clarkjudo  +   1319d ago
Maybe because its the kind of actions that the Americans took to gain freedom that influenced other nations to follow their example. That alone has great value and well deserved respect.
BlackPhoenix  +   1319d ago
Even American companies themselves haven't released so many trailers about "patriotism" for their games.
P.S, I hope the story is still about Assassins vs Templars.
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clarkjudo  +   1319d ago
Maybe because they do not reflect the historical events surrounding the revolutionary war?
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BlackPhoenix  +   1319d ago
I don't have anything against the revolutionary war. What I don't like is that a very nice series that was enjoyed by everyone now seems to be targetted for just patriotic Americans. Plus too much of it would bore people rather than inspire.
phantomexe  +   1319d ago
black where did the last 4 games take i really need to go on.
user5467007  +   1319d ago

Go go on

The last games took place in differen't places but you never saw anything quite like this in marketing. An Italian Assassin killing Italians....if it was an American for example kill nothing but Italians while the developers have said they didn't want to make anyone look evil then fair enough.
user5467007  +   1319d ago
I love the people who say AC3 marketing isn't pro American...I mean come on look at these things

This isn't's a horrible cowardly thing Ubisoft are doing to secure more sales in the US.

Fair enough if they did the same thing for Britian but they havent....not one single bit of footage of Connor doing a British based mission, killing Americans or even him having a chat with a redcoat instead of ripping him apart.

Honestly Ubisoft dissapoint me...if this was the other way around Americans would be going ape sh*t over Ubisoft.
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phantomexe  +   1318d ago
i'm sure you will get to kill some native america, african americas, irish, english of wait can't leave out the french or germans......yes we are a melting pot for the world. I just don't care i enjoy the AC games because there good. Some of you guys are makeing a big deal of nothing. The british empire was bad ask the irish the'll tell you all about it but i'm sure they did some good as well. It's not america history it's world history so why make a big deal of nothing. It's a game so if you don't want it don't buy it.The frist 4 games were in europe, so yea why cry. I do agree with you on there marketing
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Ramas  +   1319d ago
nice trailer :)
napalmbrainmusic  +   1319d ago
crap trailer
Unztayble  +   1319d ago
sick, man. gameplay footage would've been better though.
ITFGaming  +   1319d ago
Live action also has its appeal; however, a gameplay trailer would have been cool as well.
donbhai007  +   1319d ago
i still dont understand why everyone is hating on this game, because in truth it is a GAME, meaning a virtual reality, meaning not real. the story of the game is inspired by events from the revolution, but that doesn't mean there was an assassin that went around killin only red coats. the point of the patriotic trailers is because of the setting of the game, and that it is independence day for americans.
VanillaBear  +   1319d ago
It's not the game people are hating on it's the marketing and Ubisoft who have bullshitted us by saying that they didn't want to make one side look evil, yet this happens. It's been happening since the game was announced, teaser trailers, gameplay trailers, E3 trailer, screenshots, the boxart, connor wearing blue representing Americas colours etc all pro American stuff and not one possitive redcoat thing when Connor is supposed to be netural and helping them aswell.

It might be based of historical events but it's Assassins Creed..."Nothing is true, everything is permitted". It would of made more sense if the redcoats were the Assassins who are trying to free America from templar control like George Washington WHO WAS SAID to be a templar in past AC games...see another problem going against things they've told us in past AC games.
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donbhai007  +   1318d ago
i think that's wat they meant when they said that connor wont be on just one side, coz the way the game is lookin to be, the redcoats dont actually know who the templars are in their army, wat im thinkin is goin to happen is washington is goin to use connor to take out his competition so that he can control america by himself, and then connor finds out that washington is a templar and then goes on killing spree, taking out all of the people helping washington, wasn't there a thing about how some of the british forces helped the americans? secretly? i dont know, maybe its just that if they show any of the american killing parts, it mite ruin the story, no idea.
Yumi-Yumi4urTummy  +   1319d ago
This a good game to have. The story and history to follow is well done, but honestly don't like the trailer very much! Its like you expect something more drastic, according for the title of the game.
Rupee  +   1319d ago
I can't wait til this game releases. And not so I can play it (which I will) but this whole British v. Americans BS will finally go away from N4G. Seriously! Wait til the fucking game comes out. It being an assassins creed game you know there will be twists and turns in the plot. "nothing is true and everything is permitted" remember?
martinezjesus1993  +   1319d ago
Idk if everyone here knows that it is 4th of July, it is our independence day ofcourse dey were going to release a trailer like dis.. and yea being born and raised here in the US we see ourselves as always being the good guys, and I get what you guys are complaining about, but its easy as not buying da game, that'll show da developers other countries weren't happy with wat dey did, plus being assassins creeds its more than likely we will have another one next year so just wait for dat one
Kopite_2020  +   1316d ago
Cos freedom ain't for free, it costs folk like you and me........ ROFL

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