By skipping Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft is not doing anything to win over Japanese gamers

The United States was easy. Europe was slightly harder. But Japan has always seemed nearly impenetrable for Microsoft's Xbox gaming platform.

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dedicatedtogamers1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Microsoft has been making a habit lately of not winning over ANY gamers except for children and soccer moms and people satisfied with the same 3 franchises every year.

Disagree as much as you want, but what games has MICROSOFT (not multiplats) been making for you, gamers, other than Halo, Forza, and Gears? Banjo Kazooie? Hah, abandoned. Alan Wake? Forgotten. Crackdown 2? Garbage. Fable series? Thrown to the casual dogs (Fable Heroes and Fable Journey). JRPGs? Vanished. Ninja Gaiden? Multiplat and crap. Mechwarrior? Nowhere to be found.

Zechs341992d ago

I am inclined to agree. For every Sony-Gaikai deal story, there is a Wii U-Innovation one, but there are barely any stories talking about the current Xbox(unless its Kinect), just that rumored "8". If that leaked document is anything to go by, I definitely am having a harder time taking hardcore gaming seriously going into next gen.

I love Gears and Halo and would gladly take a REAL, new, title whenever possible. Forza is fine. But that's it. And now it seems the focus has shifted into injecting Kinect into XBLA for more mediocrity.

Where is Alan Wake 2? After the success Remedy had making sure it came out on PC the way it was intended, you can bet the game exists but it might actually stay a PC title this time and port to Xbox.

Lost Odyssey 2 please! One of the best JRPGs this gen, on an american console no less, by a legendary creator with an untarnished name. It achieved good sales. Whats the problem?

BrutallyBlunt1992d ago

"Microsoft has been making a habit lately of not winning over ANY gamers except for children and soccer moms"

Let me guess, you did a survey here on N4G and that is what you found? Funny how Microsoft had their best year ever in 2011 and have announced they are #1 GLOBALLY and this is the cynical attitude we still see daily here on N4G. Figures. So much for dedicatedtogamers. More like i trytocomeacrossasbeinghardcore wheninrealityidonthaveacluewhat imsaying.

Games are games, so frown upon those who can actually enojoy playing Dance Central one day and then play Call of Duty the next day. I know for someone like you that's a pipedream but then again your passion isn't really games, it's coming here trying to speak on behalf of everyone and act like you represent what they want.

perfectCarbonara1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Do you really care that they're number 1 globally when you have no cool, new and exciting games to look forward to ?

...really !?

BrutallyBlunt1992d ago

Yes because if Kinect does do well more developers will try new things with it. That's why the Move is a shame. There's really no support for it even though it's a very good product. Sorcery? Is that really the best we can expect?

Also by Microsoft doing well those relationships with 3rd party becomes much stronger. After all, they do make up the bulk of any systems library.

The point is the XBOX360 is going on 7 years now, if the system no longer meets your needs then it's time to move on. If it never has met your needs then chances are it never will. There are plenty of games to keep me busy. I'm still playing Forza 4. Bit I'm in a different predicament. I own multiple systems so I'm swamped as it is but if one only owned a XBOX360 there would still be plenty of games to choose from. Too many people focus on only one key area, exclusives built around this core group. The market has changed and Microsoft is adapting, that's why they are doing better now than they have ever before.

dcbronco1991d ago

The Xbox brand has been going for over 12 years and has barely made a dent in the Japanese market. They are crazy to still be trying. They should import to those that want one ans stop try to sell to an audience that so obviously is not interested no matter what they do. They should skip TGS and all Japanese events. I would do small events that cater to Japanese Xbox owners and skip the big shows.

MS should rent a space and invite Japanese gamers through their gamertags. Support the ones that have supported them. Stop begging for people in Japan to like them.

Alos881992d ago

I think Microsoft have come to terms with Japan just not being as interested as elsewhere. Heck, even two JRPGs by Hironobu Sagaguchi couldn't change that.

JBSleek1992d ago

Microsoft doesn't really care about Japan as a territory because Japan doesn't care about Xbox.

Acquiescence1992d ago

Nothing Microsoft do will win over the Japanese now. Time to wait until next gen and then give it another shot.

BrutallyBlunt1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

And next gen the Japanese gamer are once again likely to give it a pass. They are more set in their ways than any other territory it seems, often insular from the rest of the world. That's ok.

Microsoft tried early on working very closely with publishers like Namco (Ace Combat was exclusive wasn't it)? They also got the guy from Final Fantasy to make Blue Dragon. Other titles like Lost Odyssey and working very close with Square-Enix. The investment wasn't worth it in the end as Japanese gamers were not willing to move away from the familiar offerings from Sony and Nintendo. They also supported the handheld market more so. The Wii did fine in Japan but the Playstation 3 struggled for quite some time. Even now they only sold 8 million PS3's which goes to show how much smaller that market really is.

What Microsoft has done, that many here forget to mention, is the working relationships with the publishers that are far more important than trying to persuade the consumers over there. They know many Japanese games sell well overseas. That's why this generation we saw Final Fantasy, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and so on that we didn't on the original XBOX. This has created better parity among the other two console makers. Which in turn has made the XBOX360 a far more success than the original XBOX. Now leading into next generation consumers will know most key IP's will be coming to the next XBOX also.

Japan is no longer the powerhouse it used to be when it comes to videogames. They have fallen behind when compred to western developers this generation. Disagree all you want but those are cold hard facts. That's not to say certain games didn't shine above like Demons Souls but those great games are few and far between on the consoles/PC when compared to the wealth of titles that have done extremely well by western publishers.

ShaunCameron1991d ago

<The Wii did fine in Japan but the Playstation 3 struggled for quite some time. Even now they only sold 8 million PS3's which goes to show how much smaller that market really is.>

Indeed. Not just that but it also goes to show that Japan hasn't really embraced the PS3 like they embraced the PS1 and PS2 which sold 2x-3x that during their respective heydays.

Gekko1992d ago

Perhaps they're simply waiting for the right time to announce games in Tokyo Game Show once they've announced their new next gen console. It does seem a little pointless now trying to win back in Japan. Although, this tactic isn't doing them any favours.

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